Last Thursday

Since I didn`t really remember much from the last clubbing session in Euphoria, I accepted to invitation from my ex-clasamtes even thought I had to go to work the following morning. My personal take on this club is that it is too expensive and their staff are horribly rude. Why people pay so much to get in is mind boggling.

And on the queue line are idiots (the five of us included) who have to fork out 80 bucks per person for a lousy bottle of vodka. As if not feeling stupid enough, I used up all my cash and my card was rejected. Damm maybank. Albert eventually use his card instead at the expenses of getting a long lecture when his parents finds out.

But despite all the trouble, the crowd and the music made up for it.

And of course, hanging out with your highschool classmates is priceless.

*Grace, my class monitor for 5 years in a row.

Pig, 7 years classmates. also the one that had been bullied the most by the guys in the class.

And the fun part about clubbing is, you bound to meet some people you have randomly met in the past. I met Aaron in Poppy 2 months ago.

and of course... the stupid stuff and scandals that happen after a rounds of drinks.

Hahahaha..... now pay me to remove the pictures from the net. lol

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