Farewell 2008

Finally, the last post of the year. 2008 started with loads of hope. For Chinese the number at the back should signify prosperity and promise a smooth sailing year at the very least. Yet, the year have been turbulent, rough, and horrible to most people all around the world. Oil price went up to a record 147$ a barrel, and drop to 40$ in half a year, hundred of thousands of jobs are lost due to the economic crisis, more wars, the Mumbai bombing..... the list goes on.

On a personal level, things doesn`t went too well for me either. There are some good things of course... and I guess everything can be call good depending on different perspective. Significant events that happen through my year are;

1) the Worlds University Debating Championship at Thailand. Did not come back with any merits... but it was a hell of a time celebrating new year at a specially booked theme park just for us.
2) Crash for my Persona.. and survived.

3) My best friends leaves for Australia... and have not seen him since.
4) Receive a very nice valentine present but only return it with a stalk of rose.

5) Moved my piano to Malacca. With this, I can started practicing new songs.
6) The historical demonstration of People`s Power in our general election.

7) obtain my first champion title in debate, albeit, in rather insignificant tournament.
8) appear in the newspaper (again :) ) for organizing the Cyberpreneurship event.

9) winning a debate round that I actually don`t want to win.
10) the first semester break without a holiday vacation.

11) Bought another new Proton Persona.
12) Attended my first blogging event, Nuffnang Wildlife party and met a completely new bunch of ppl.

13) My relationship with lene ended with just 2 more weeks to go before the 3 year mark.
14) Got drunk for the first time in Phillippine at Australs farewell party.
15) Also the first time I tried shopping theraphy. *spending money to make yourself happy.

16) Celebrated by 21st birthday. Weeee..

17) Scored more 'B' than 'A' in my exam for the first time.
18) Decided that I will not study for the next semester.

19) Started joining another bunch of group, the Aiesec-er from UKM.
20) My first official desk job as an trainee engineer in Gamuda
21) Learned that I enjoy teaching physics after I started giving tuition to the 16 year old girl.

22) Took over club leadership for Voices and the administration nightmare begin.
23) Partying became a staple weekly activity.
24) Started a city life in KL.
25) Overspent my allowances for the first time.

26) Have the opportunity attending 5 debate tournament in a row.
27) Celebrated Christmas without my best friend and gf.

That`s the summary to a years with lots of ups and down. My resolutions for the coming year are:

a) Drink less. Drink only on joyous occasion.
b) Put more effort in going to class. Especially morning classes which I skipped throughout the year.
c) Do my own assignment. At the very least, copy the assignment on my own.
d) Learn a new piano piece every week.
e) Jog at least 3km everyday.
f) Get rid of 'manglish' - no 'la' s and 'ma's
g) Learn to cook a complete chinese meal.
h) Save the world.

Lol. Happy New Year people.


kang yong 7:30 PM  

save the world? how to save the world? :D

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