Days that you feel like dying

When shit like this happen all at once.

1) Getting screwed over from something you didn`t do.
2) Having a tournament reschedule when there`s actually no room for changes.
3) I had to move to a new office just days before my contract ends (move for nothing).
4) Having to solve a club`s horrible financial situation.
5) Getting accommodations for ppl I don`t really feel like giving a damm anymore.
6) not getting enough sleep.
7) and despite all this rant.. i still have to wake up tomorrow to clean everything up.

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.