The day where everyone should eat, drink and be merry.

It`s 24 hours to Christmas. The joyous birth of Christ, the most celebrated birthday ever will be the day where everyone becomes charitable, saintly and happy. With my semester off, I thought of doing things that I`ve been missing out in the past 3 Christmas due to MMU's horrible academic schedule. It didn`t happen either. Certainly, it doesn`t feel like Christmas.

I miss going house to house singing Christmas carols with a whole the rest of my church friends.
I miss cleaning the old folks and orphan homes in preparation of the season.
I miss going Christmas shopping with that someone special.
I miss putting up the Christmas tree and decorate it with lights and glittering star dust.
I miss all the quiet time in prayer, thanking god for this wonderful celebration.

Merry Christmas everyone.

*wish list.
For this Christmas, I want things that money can't buy :) go figure.

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