Farewell 2008

Finally, the last post of the year. 2008 started with loads of hope. For Chinese the number at the back should signify prosperity and promise a smooth sailing year at the very least. Yet, the year have been turbulent, rough, and horrible to most people all around the world. Oil price went up to a record 147$ a barrel, and drop to 40$ in half a year, hundred of thousands of jobs are lost due to the economic crisis, more wars, the Mumbai bombing..... the list goes on.

On a personal level, things doesn`t went too well for me either. There are some good things of course... and I guess everything can be call good depending on different perspective. Significant events that happen through my year are;

1) the Worlds University Debating Championship at Thailand. Did not come back with any merits... but it was a hell of a time celebrating new year at a specially booked theme park just for us.
2) Crash for my Persona.. and survived.

3) My best friends leaves for Australia... and have not seen him since.
4) Receive a very nice valentine present but only return it with a stalk of rose.

5) Moved my piano to Malacca. With this, I can started practicing new songs.
6) The historical demonstration of People`s Power in our general election.

7) obtain my first champion title in debate, albeit, in rather insignificant tournament.
8) appear in the newspaper (again :) ) for organizing the Cyberpreneurship event.

9) winning a debate round that I actually don`t want to win.
10) the first semester break without a holiday vacation.

11) Bought another new Proton Persona.
12) Attended my first blogging event, Nuffnang Wildlife party and met a completely new bunch of ppl.

13) My relationship with lene ended with just 2 more weeks to go before the 3 year mark.
14) Got drunk for the first time in Phillippine at Australs farewell party.
15) Also the first time I tried shopping theraphy. *spending money to make yourself happy.

16) Celebrated by 21st birthday. Weeee..

17) Scored more 'B' than 'A' in my exam for the first time.
18) Decided that I will not study for the next semester.

19) Started joining another bunch of group, the Aiesec-er from UKM.
20) My first official desk job as an trainee engineer in Gamuda
21) Learned that I enjoy teaching physics after I started giving tuition to the 16 year old girl.

22) Took over club leadership for Voices and the administration nightmare begin.
23) Partying became a staple weekly activity.
24) Started a city life in KL.
25) Overspent my allowances for the first time.

26) Have the opportunity attending 5 debate tournament in a row.
27) Celebrated Christmas without my best friend and gf.

That`s the summary to a years with lots of ups and down. My resolutions for the coming year are:

a) Drink less. Drink only on joyous occasion.
b) Put more effort in going to class. Especially morning classes which I skipped throughout the year.
c) Do my own assignment. At the very least, copy the assignment on my own.
d) Learn a new piano piece every week.
e) Jog at least 3km everyday.
f) Get rid of 'manglish' - no 'la' s and 'ma's
g) Learn to cook a complete chinese meal.
h) Save the world.

Lol. Happy New Year people.

The green eye monster.

Cork, Ireland. Just look at the pictures...

who doesn`t want to be in this picture perfect city.

and I should be there right now. Damm my stingy university for not giving us the budget to go to Worlds University Debating Championship. All my other friends are in Europe, partying and singing along to Christmas carols and new year songs.

Yes, the green eye monster...is me.

It only takes a spark

and it happen when I first saw her in the meeting room.

it happen again when I playfully put ice cubes on her back.

and again when she first accompanied me to the post office.

when she rest her head on my shoulders, changing the gears while I'm driving

and many times more, when our lips met, when we cook together during valentine, when she hug me after a week apart, when I took her pictures on the beach and the mountains.....

where did that spark go?

*stupid blog. Read it for no reason at all and now turned all moody. :(

Merry Christmas Everyone

I got this from my parish priest`s sermon.

" During the world war 2, there were many planes that pass by the small little town where a boy live. One day, his mom told him to wave at the plane. "That`s your uncle's plane" she says. The boy wave frantically and the plane soon passed by. He began to wonder and asked his mom ' Mommy, how do people get into the plane when it`s so high up in the skies?".

The reply was simple " the plane come down to pick the passengers up".


A beautiful analogy of what Christmas is about. It`s not just about the beautifully wrapped presents..

nor snows and snow mans.

It`s about the gift to all mankind. Happy Birthday Jesus.

The day where everyone should eat, drink and be merry.

It`s 24 hours to Christmas. The joyous birth of Christ, the most celebrated birthday ever will be the day where everyone becomes charitable, saintly and happy. With my semester off, I thought of doing things that I`ve been missing out in the past 3 Christmas due to MMU's horrible academic schedule. It didn`t happen either. Certainly, it doesn`t feel like Christmas.

I miss going house to house singing Christmas carols with a whole the rest of my church friends.
I miss cleaning the old folks and orphan homes in preparation of the season.
I miss going Christmas shopping with that someone special.
I miss putting up the Christmas tree and decorate it with lights and glittering star dust.
I miss all the quiet time in prayer, thanking god for this wonderful celebration.

Merry Christmas everyone.

*wish list.
For this Christmas, I want things that money can't buy :) go figure.

World University Peace Invitational Debate 2008

As pretentious as it may sound, there`s a glimmer hope for peace when all the brightest mind in the world come together...drunk. :p Alright, that`s not entirely true :P at least the brightest mind part :P

The tournament was suppose to consist of the top 30 debating universities in the world. A world class debate tournament, with 5 star accommodation, a total of TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND RINGGIT ringgit cash prize and the all this completely FREE since the tournament is completely subsidized by CIMB. Who would resist that offer?

Despite such incentive, few of the top university didn`t turn up either, especially from the European nations like Oxford and Cambridge as Worlds is just a weeks away and it make no sense for them to fly all the way to Malaysia and fly back to Ireland within 10 days. That said, the pool of the tournament is still pretty strong with Unis from Harvard, Monash, Sydney, Melboune, Ateneo, Nus and the other debate powerhouses.

Where did MMU Malacca stand? We actually did quite well in this tournament. Daniel and I ended up on 19th place, which is very close to breaking into the quarter finals. Considering the level of the debate in this tournament, I`m satisfied. Besides, what more can I ask for when I have a week of free 5 star hotel, room parties and a reunion with all my friends from other countries.

Ahh, I seem to miss them already. And I also hate them cuz most of them are going to Ireland next week to attend the World Univeristy Debating Championship, while I`ll rot here trying to earn a third world nation's wage.

Bar Council Human Rights Debate 08

It`s been a long while since I last updated this space. This 2 weeks of absence made me realized that blogging doesn`t play that much of a role in my life after all. I can certainly live without it. In fact, I might even consider de-listing it from the public channel and make it private :) Maybe I`ll put a long thought on it when I`m not too busy with attending tournaments, parties and work.

That said, the second installment for this month`s debate was the HR debate held at KDU. It was very unfortunate that it was held during my last few days of my internship. Since I still have work commitments I only adjudicated for the 2nd day and attended the finals. Despite it being somewhat a local tournament, it was quite high profile with a number of important people (at least within the debate circle) present.

I was particularly impressed with the way Neill, whom if my memory serves me right, a world's breaking debater and adj from Cambrige, communicates. He doesn`t use big words or tried to be exceptionally witty. He said the simple things and in simple ways but with absolute clarity and charm. I guess describing it wouldn`t make much sense. At the end of the day, English are still best spoken by Englishman.

On the other hand, Zaid Ibrahim, who was invited to give a speech at our break night party, did not turn out to be what I expected. I have always admired him for taking a stand againt ISA and the only UMNO member who had the balls to voices out his disagreement. Though, during Q&A session, he kept himself to be as politically correct as possible and shy away from all contentious question.

Zaid Ibrahim delivering his 6 page of written speech.

The finals was quite entertaining, with Prabha and Omar, the two people who should have stop debating 2 decades ago, winning it. They took home RM 3000 and a huge ass throphy.

which was latter found its usefullness as fancy beer mug.

and Prabha made everyone drank from it.

It was until the end of the party, that we realized that it was a challenge throphy and it has to be returned next year. Should IIU win it next year, they might want to use it to store Holy Water instead :) Though, looking at all the anti government sentiments that's running with the Bar Council, the might not be a HR Debate tournament next year after all.

*I`ll blog about wupid after I come back from Singapore on Monday. Wish me luch for the next tournament.

I`ll be away

Just a general note that I`ll be away. From the national health science debate, to bar council's human right debate, I`m now in the World university peace invitational debate, and I`ll be flying off to singapore next week for the singapore`s open.

Things been taxing enough without having to go through other mishaps like punctured tires and car being towed away. I`m exhausted, physically battered, and financial broke. Things should take a U turn and be better from now.

I'll be deserting my blog till end of next week. Adioz.

The Masquerade Party

and I really considered getting my dad's specs again. *in jokes from the halloween party.

It`s funny how people do actually come with masks. I didn`t really bother because as far as I`m concern, it makes no difference. Mask or not, I know almost none of them.

I was invited to the party by Joey a couple of days back and decided to go since the place is actually walking distance from the place I`m staying. I was really skeptical at first, having a constant fear of being awkward and lost there. But hey, what is there to lose?

and it`s her early bday celebration. The cupcakes convinced me to attend.

It`s been quite a while since I last went to a room party. The last one at Philippine ended with random items and furnitures magically appeared in my room the next morning. *tips: never host one in your OWN room.

Having said that, Chin Ju, the one that coordinate everything rented the suites at Crown Regency and hosted an awesome party. *claps claps. I don`t really know how many ppl turn up but there was enough booze and that`s all we need to know.

*Ben and some other guy

*siok kin

*if my memory serves me right, that`s Isabella.

Of course, keeping track of names used of most of my brain juice for the night. As the party goes on, no one bothered about names anymore. Not even the names of the drink you`re having. Even when it sounds ridiculously similar to perfume names.

*some idiot poured that expensive liqour into my glass that`s already half fill with red wine.

and I drank it anyway. Tips no 2; never take a picture after that horrible mixture.

I believe that was the last picture we took before everyone went home at 4am. I remember waking up and actually thought I`m late to work, only to realized that it`s the public holiday. :)

National Health Science Debate 09.

From the previous post, you can conclude that the tournament did not go well. Yeap, in fact, the disappointment can match the tournament in Worlds where Suria and I were unfairly denied the chance to break in the ESL category.

Don`t get more wrong though, we did'nt fare too badly either. In fact, the first 3 rounds were awesome, we had a 2nd, followed by two 1st, accumulating 8 points out of 9. We're in fact, the 2nd highest ranking team at that point. Whether it`s over confidence, or the lunch, or exhaustion.. a mental blockage took over and the next 2 rounds was dissastorous; 4th place in both of them. Thus, our team only scored 8 out of the total 15.

And it only requires 9 points to move to the semi-finals. Which necessary means that all we need is at least a 3rd position in any of the 2 rounds to gain that 1 point. Yeap. Ouch indeed.

That said, I`m pretty alright now. This tournament had been pretty much unpredictable all the way. From having to reschedule everything to a day earlier, to cancellation of teams,..... I`m glad that I manage to attend it in the first place. It has been quite a while since I see all my friends from the other universities. I even met an ex school mate of mine who have just joined the debating team of UKM.

But the biggest surprise of the day was when I sneak in the lecture theater that has a grand piano and ask Joash ( a medical student in IMU), to come along to play it. I have heard that he`s a very good pianist, though I never expected that to be a gross understatement. He is the most talented pianist I`ve met so far. (coming from a family with musical background, that says something). While I`m struggling to play Chopin`s walts and etudes, he completed his diploma when he was 14. It seems so natural when he plays it, unlike many other who seemed like forcing themselve on the keys to produce the melody, namely myself. On one hand, that was very inspiring, on the other, it just makes me feel like an useless, untalented, noise producer.

It`s been 2 months since I really sat down and practice. The songs that I use to play flawlessly turns into pieces with missing notes and uneven tempo. Perhaps one of my biggest childhood regrets is not attending piano classes. It`s a little too late to make up for it, but right now, I can`t wait to be back in Malacca and continue my piano lessons which I took up few months ago.

The day everything went wrong.

Just as I had a renewed vowed of optimism, I`m ran into one of the worst days of my life. From th strike of 12am everything seemed to went wrong.

3 atms I tried to withdraw money were spoilt and I had go all the way to the shopping mall to get the cash to pay for the tournament.

I took a wrong turning on my way back home to kajang resulting me making a U turn after paying 2 more tolls and traveling an extra 15km.

I lost all my dota game making it the worst gaming experience I ever.

The cyber cafe counter denied that I paid and ask me to pay the 2nd time.

I reach home at 3am,the water pressure is low and the hot water shower is not functioning

I can`t fall asleep due to the extreme tiredness.

The debate the following afternoon was absolutely horrible.

In fact.. so horrible that I had lost my appetite to eat, went home straight, did not talk to anyone, played the piano for the next 3 hours, rant in this stupid space and I`m going to bed. The glass is definitely not half full, it`s completely empty.

Last Thursday

Since I didn`t really remember much from the last clubbing session in Euphoria, I accepted to invitation from my ex-clasamtes even thought I had to go to work the following morning. My personal take on this club is that it is too expensive and their staff are horribly rude. Why people pay so much to get in is mind boggling.

And on the queue line are idiots (the five of us included) who have to fork out 80 bucks per person for a lousy bottle of vodka. As if not feeling stupid enough, I used up all my cash and my card was rejected. Damm maybank. Albert eventually use his card instead at the expenses of getting a long lecture when his parents finds out.

But despite all the trouble, the crowd and the music made up for it.

And of course, hanging out with your highschool classmates is priceless.

*Grace, my class monitor for 5 years in a row.

Pig, 7 years classmates. also the one that had been bullied the most by the guys in the class.

And the fun part about clubbing is, you bound to meet some people you have randomly met in the past. I met Aaron in Poppy 2 months ago.

and of course... the stupid stuff and scandals that happen after a rounds of drinks.

Hahahaha..... now pay me to remove the pictures from the net. lol


1) a maximum of 3 cues to finish every pool game.

2) chopin waltz in E minor below 3 minutes without jumbling the notes.

3) 100 yards and above in every golf swing in the driving range.

4) Meeting 7 new people every week (1 for each day)

5) Blog 5 times a week

6) Maintain a cgpa of 3.8 and above.

7) waking up at 8am.

8) spent 30 minutes a day exercising

9) call home every week.

10) be consistent in telling myself, the glass is always half full.

Days that you feel like dying

When shit like this happen all at once.

1) Getting screwed over from something you didn`t do.
2) Having a tournament reschedule when there`s actually no room for changes.
3) I had to move to a new office just days before my contract ends (move for nothing).
4) Having to solve a club`s horrible financial situation.
5) Getting accommodations for ppl I don`t really feel like giving a damm anymore.
6) not getting enough sleep.
7) and despite all this rant.. i still have to wake up tomorrow to clean everything up.

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.