2 states away.

I traveled back to Malacca yesterday. For some unknown reason, it took me 3 hours and 30 minutes to get there. Sure, we did stop for lunch, and took a longer detour, but 210 minutes??? *anyone that can give me a reasonable explaination will get a free bbq chicken.

Why bbq chicken?

cuz we have a lot of spares from yesterday's party. My club hosted a party to welcome the new recruits and the work force members to this new academic year.

It`s tough to manage a club that is so far away. What more a debate club where most of my committees are headstrong and argumentative.... and black.

Ok.. the last term have nothing to do with it at all. :P But hey, there are the best bbq chef in the club.
Awesome music by Arun and Jhiva who brought two huge ass speaker set (which brought a fair bit of complain by our neighbours.... :P :P)

and some happy drinks to complete the perfect formula for a great party.

p.s.: Arun, can you tell me why you camera's year is set to 2039?

Fun & Work

2 words that never goes hand in hand. That said, here in our office we have fun after work. With the addition of 2 trainee, two new permanent worker, we have a bit of working mates of generation (<25 years)

And since one of my colleague (who happens to be my another colleague's gf) transferred to Bk Mertajam office, the office starts to have regular after work activities. This week alone, we played pool on Wed, footsal on Thursday, and golf on Friday.

I felt pretty much comfortable here. Though, everyone have thier own life and right after the activities, I once again gaze into the empty chairs, wishing that there are filled with friends laughter.

ps: I absolutely hate eating meals alone.

Food, glorious food.

I used to think that if you have RM 10 to spend for each meal, that`s luxury. Since I came to KL, I realized that I have never been more wrong.

You can survive with less that 10 bucks per meal. But that would mean eating chicken rice or nasi goreng ayam every single day..... which is pretty much what I have for lunch in the past 3 weeks. I would spend like 5-6 ringgit so I can have a better meal during dinner.

This brings me to the Vietnamese restaurant at the top floor in Mid Valley. There are actually two of them, but please proceed to the one upstairs (yes, upstairs on the top floor). It`s a perfect balance of good atmosphere, taste and price.

They even stamp a good luck charm just before your food comes. Lol.

The set meal cost about 20 bucks including taxes. I had chargrilled beef, with 2 dim sums of the day, served with kuay teow sup and ice lemon tea.

You can see it`s grilled to perfection.

I would love to go back there again. Anyone wants to join me?

Welcome to you tube by Bo Burnham

This certainly made my day. Lol

Tribute to Tok

To be very honest, I have not attend many of my friends birthday party this year. Thus, going to one is already rare by itself. But this is another level all together, attending one who I don`t even know who the birthday boy is.

The clubbing session last week is definitely weird unique. Don`t get me wrong. It`s not that I did not had fun. It was awesome, but weird nonetheless. I only got to know about the event when I arrive at the club, from people I don`t even recognize. Apparently Keat, my friend`s friend's friend`s bf, book 10k worth of liquor and invited 100 ppl. And it just so happen to be Tok`s birthday (please don`t ask me who is he), hence the invitation extended to friends up to 3rd degree friends to fill up that 100 space.

Joey, a friend`s friend. Lol.

So it`s bad enough that I don`t know who we`re celebrating for, I was surprise that 80% of the ppl there do not actually know Tok is either.

none of us knew each other before this.

We eventually met him, after everyone made him down a drink for every person he met (regardless whether he knows them or not). By the look of his face, I highly doubt he`ll remember anyone at all.

that`s Tok, none of us knew him either :P

So, here`s a toast to Tok, a complete stranger who no one knew, but became the reason for an awesome party.


The devil`s number.

And that`s the number of post in my blog so far. I can`t imagine that it`s been 4 years since started by blog. What have I been writing???

On another note, there`s a new addition to my aunt`s family. A puppy!!

It was picked up by the streets not too long after his mother gave birth to 7 puppies. Look at that poor and cute adorable face.

*my aunt trying to prevent the dog from coming inside the house

The puppy have grown to like me just after a few days. I`ll come back after work looking forward to play with it. And since the puppy is starting to grow its little teeth, it likes to bite people. Which makes it all the more adorable for some reason. It is so keen to bite something, just feed him his own tail. Lol.

Sadly, I moved out yesterday as my cousin sister is coming back from Melbourne for her summer holidays. I refused to share a room with my cousin brother and thus decided to move somewhere else. Which is fine really, especially when I get a spectacular view from my bedroom.

I`m currently staying in one my aunt`s service apartment at Time Square, right in center of the town. It`s a lot more convenient to buy things and many places to chill. Well of course, all this comes at a very unsustainable living expenses. (3 times my intern allowances). In addition to that, it takes longer to get the work, and the crawl during peak hours is torture beyond comprehension. I took the wrong turning to day and ended up getting stuck 45 minutes along Masjid Jamek and Pudu.

Someone get me a new car with auto transmission. :)

The Two Towers

No. This has nothing to do with the Lord of The Rings.

Another tower of work have start piling. Since I have virtually no spaces left to do my work, I had to stack it on top of my CPU.

If you ever wonder why we have all this greenhouse problem, it is because of all the trees are cut down for papers used in my office.

Seriously, we need to get that cool table in the Bond movie so we`ll never have to use a hard copy for discussion purposes. I heard apple have already developed something very similar.

I`m going to make 'paperless office' as a life goal from now on.

blogger's block

I`m so bored, I`m closed to playing my brother`s Pokemon game.

Somebody shoot me. Help.

*i have no inspiration to write anything either. and trust me, I tried. Stared at the empty word pad for the past half an hour.


Today, I`m going to blog about nothing to blog. This is me protesting for not having anything interesting for a weekend that I took a leave! I was expecting a fun, exciting weekend but I was horrible disappointed.

I was hopping that we`ll go for clubbing once at the very least. Or attend the motor show at Naza showroom, or do some other fun stuff besides the usual yum cha and snooker session. (which for some reason, I manage to pocket the white ball no less than 8 times in the last game.)

The only consolation was watching James Bond on Saturday night. Else, I would have wondered if there is any point to living anymore.

So yea. A boring post to bored everyone out just because I am.

Italliannies food galore

All my effort of going for jogging and sit ups is gone with just one night of gluttony. :( I always like these fancy place that serve pastas and grills, namely Fridays and Italliannies because they always serve a generous portion. (though you`ll probably have to skip a few meals to save up to eat there to begin with).

Hence, when Juli, Rema and I met for finner, we ended up in Italliannies. I wanted to come here since the first time I came to One Utama 5 years ago. Back then, I couldn`t afford it. Now, I still couldn`t afford it. :P Not when the bill for the night almost equaled to Ju Li's intern allowances. LOL

Alright, a treat once a while wouldn`t hurt. So, we order whatever we felt like having, which is of course... everything. When our first dish came, we knew we ordered too much.

here's a closer look.
This portion is meant for 1 person....

both are wondering who`s going to finish them

And that`s just the start of our trouble. Because in total, we ordered 8 types of pasta, a pizza and a pitcher of Sangria (wine with fruit soda)

I was assured by the two girls that we can finish this. I hope they don`t rely on me because I was pretty full after the first bowl of pasta.

An hour later
And walah... the food is all gone. Well almost. We are all so full, that no one is willing to eat the last piece of pizza even when I threaten that I`ll leave them there if they don`t finish it.

And so, our food galore ended with us saying, " no more pasta for the next 1 month".

Office blues

My desk is once again messed up with papers, reports, check list, comments, and more drawings.
Some of my work are quite mundane. Like compile a status update report for all existing utilities submission. Being part of the main contractor, we never do any designing work. So the bulk of what we do is just to check, revise and please our client. Despite saying as we we don`t do any work... we actually have loads to go through.

So much, that I have just been here for a week and just look at the pile of stuff on my desk.

:( :( :( :( :( I miss studying already.

Of movies and salmons

Tropic Thunder is the lousiest movie of all time. Lol

Ok. It`s not. But definitely the lousiest I watched this year. The only time I remember watching a movie that`s worst was 4 years go when Terri and I walked out of cinema after 30 minutes. (that`s the only time I`ve walked out of a cinema).

I`m going to kill the guy who told me that this movie is funny. Probably slice him up to be served on sushi.

And speaking of Sushi, they are having a promotion on Salmon`s. I would recommend the rice with salmon belly. It`s only RM 10.90 with an addition RM 2 off. That made one of the cheapest dish you can order. What more, you get loads of salmon, more than I can finish... and it`s really good.

as a added benefit, it`s suppose to be healthy as well, though with the amount of kicap I add, I doubt it matters.

Just don`t get tempted by all the moving plates in front of you and you can have an awesome lunch without burning a hole in the pocket. Took us a lot of restrain not to though. Just look at how stressful Jing En trying not to grap some of those sushi.

I can`t wait for the RM 2 promotion per dish again. Some one got spam the suggestion box to bug them to have it soon.

Back home?

What is the definition of going back home. Is home the place where you grow up? Is home the place where your parents are? or simply a home is a place where you can relax and be comfortable?

I`m find it very hard to find a place I can truly call home. There`s hardly a place I can sit long enough before I find it boring/irritated and quickly move to some where else. I said I`m home when I reach Kajang. But, at times, I can`t stand an atmosphere of my parents screaming at my siblings.I said I`m home when I reach my aunts house (whom I currently living with) after work. But, it`s I still feel like I`m a guest here even after quite a while. I said I`m home when I reach my house in Malacca after class, but there`re no one to hear those words.

I wonder is home somewhat of an ivory tower after all?

Nuffnang Silent Halloween Party

As spirits roam the neighborhoods at night,
Let loose upon the Earth till it be light...
To be completely frank, I`m extremely unmotivated to blog. Weeks ago, I would not have hesitated to log immediate when there`s an event. Working is that taxing after all. If you`re looking for a good coverage on the event, visit Jolene`s blog. I swear she must at least spent half a day on writing that post.

So, what`s left on my memories of that night are a few. Of all the bits and parcel of it, I remembered:

1) laughing silently when Karena`s hair got stuck in another person`s costume. And Joker came into rescue.

2) Seeing another Joker in the nurse outfit and wondered initially whether it`s a guy or a girl. LOL. No offense Jolene!! It`s all thanks to your make up and outfit and my blurred vision due to my dad`s spectacles. ( I bet the power is more than 600)

3) wondered what is so great about my dad`s spectacles that people were more interested in it than me....

Karena posing with 'the specs'.

4) meeting another scientist, Shon, and thought I saw my self in the mirror. Hey, again.. I can`t really see ok!!!!!

5) turning back from my rotation chair and got a shock when I saw her. (it is still scary despite knowing it is just make up.)

6) and concluded that if all ghost is like the following girl, people might actually wants to see them.
7) cursing Thomas for bursting my balloon (which every one had to safe keep during a game) under the pretext of having a conversation...lol

8) found a specimen for my mad project. the female Frankenstein. (Victoria)

9) puzzled for the longest time since when angel and devil became friends.

they are called nuffies, term for those who works for nuffnang. What`s their work? be pretty and be at the party.

10) wondered where is Davy Jone's tentacles.

11) took picture with Ayumi Hanasaki (Audrey)

12) and Michael Jackson from his album Thriller (Kenny Sia)

13) jealous that this guys can see better than me even behind that blindfold.

14) looking at her hair sent me a horrible reminder that my school uniform were once of the same colour.

15) and trying to solve to biggest mystery, who`s the guy in that milk carton. (note* it says, contains Melanin. lol!!!!! ) Best creativity award. Hands down

*picture from wven, another Michael Jackson. I guess MJ is so fake white look is scary enough to qualify as a holloween costume

The night ended with us trying to be notorious outside the club. Starting with parading at the main street. *picture from joshua ong.

And so, the spirit and all thing scary went back to where it should be. the end.

Obama Wins!

Martin Luther once said "I had a dream".

It came true today.

Everyone in the world anticipated this. America showed the world that democracy can prevail, that people will one day put behind race and color and judge a person by it`s character.

When will it be Malaysia`s turn?

The intern experience - day 1

It`s as bad as I thought it would be.

I felt totally unmotivated, uninterested and un-everything. That`s so not me, who usually likes to do anything. Maybe because it is Monday. Maybe because of the 1 hour jam I had to endure for a place just over 10 km. Maybe because I only had 7 hours of sleep. Blahhhh.

In actually fact, the things I do are not that boring, depending on how you look at it. I was posted in the Mechanical & Electrical Department (M&E), and I went through loads and loads of drawings. My first task was to dig out the original copy of a particular drawing according to some references. Apparently, these ppl are as messy as I am and those documents are in the midst of thousands other drawing. (literally thousands over.)

I was then ask to do some checking for consistency on a few PSO drawing. Oh, don`t bother about the abbreviations. There are so many of them, I thought they were'nt speaking english for the first 3 hours.

As a side project, I had to keep track of all the submission and approvals from authorities, which mean going through piles and piles of letters. I had a nightmare when I was told that no one had been keeping track of them since September, of LAST YEAR!!!


I`m leaving back to Kajang for Yomae's bday party tomorrow. Wish me luck in not falling asleep while driving back home.

Silent Vow

I am not going to post anything to do with the Halloween party until Jamie pass to me the pictures in her camera...

But that`s going to be a looooong time... boooo :( So here`s one for now.

*taken from Karena`s blog. curi ya...

Stay tune.

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Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.