Some pictures from Aiesec UKM Alumni Party

I have been updating 'picture-less' (shit, there is actually no such word) entries, I`ll compensate this time with some pictures of the alumni party that I grab from Assunta`s and Shi Wei's facebook.

The handful of people I know before the party are those in the Outgoing Exchange Committee.Here's a picture of the division.

The place provides the right atmosphere to bbq and socialize. The food was'nt much, but it was enough, at least for me. Chickens, sausage, balls and corns.

*the beer I get from the shop one. :P

Here's June, the previous vp and head of the ogx committee.

It has been quite some time since I go to a party with a huge number of unknown faces. Unfortunately, it has been such a long day after helping out in the event that lasted till 6.40pm, I`m too exhausted to go and mix around. I just stick around with ppl I`m already familar with.

Shi Wie@Mocha.

Boey, current president of aiesec UKM.

The big family (this is just quarter of the size of aiesec executive board...gasp)

Here`s a picture of us at Murni, SS2.

Now, I have to get ready for tomorrow`s party at Borneo Club. I got the invitation for Nuffnang's Halloween Party. Finding a costume is driving me up the wall. I'm tempted to just get a devil`s horn and walk in. :P


Bad luck and Good Luck

Phew. Another 3 days had pass since I last updated. There are only 3 days left before I start working next week. I had every intention to fully utilize my remaining free days. For the first time in many years, my family went out for an outing. We went to Genting, a place not to far away but yet can be called a holiday destination.

Even though this is the first time we went there as a family, a few of us, namely my grandma and my dad.. and me; had been making regular trips there. Primarily because, we can all go and stay for 'free'. As in, we don`t have to pay for our hotel rooms, our food and even our travel. Thus making this place the most accessible and affordable holiday option.

Well, by definition of 'free', it will be free if you don`t step into the casino. Which of course, by doing so will make a trip to Genting an oxymoron. And boy, I have never had a gambling luck that is worst that yesterday. It make statistical sense that you win some and lose some. But, I had been on losing streak from the very first game. In fact, so bad was my luck, that a table with everyone winning will suddenly lose the moment I step in.

To top it all, I even drop so cash in the casino. After losing 500 bucks, I decided that is enough and went to my earliest sleep in months. 12am.

*as consolation, I found back my missing white gold pendant, that worth about 50 bucks. lol

Drinks, Parties and more.

The week had been super awesome. I feel quite bad for not updating this blog for quite sometime and I humbly apologies to those who been wondering if Alex is dead. I`m sorry to tell that I`m not.

But very closed. Let`s recall what happen since the past few days. I went to club on Thursday night. The place is called Pulse located inside Grand Millennium Hotel. The guys in the club are all 30 years and over, with quite a number of people my father`s age, while the girls are younger than me. This is the place where you see horny old man trying to get lucky while the young girls trying to hook up with a rich man. Freaky place.

Friday night was the usually hang out night at the snooker center with the rest of the guys. We had to plan to celebrate 2 guys birthday for for the weekend. I went back early as I have to wake up at 7 am to help out AIESEC UKM for their SAC. It lasted the entire day and all of us then head to Kiara Park, Damansara for a bbq. This lasted till midnight and everyone is closed to fainting from working the entire day. This is when someone said Mamak (right after the bbq, wtf) and we ended up in Murni, SS2.

I arrived home at 3am and braced myself for another long day on Sunday. Woke up at 7.30am to attend mass, at holy family. Since everyone else had to work on Tuesday, we couldn`t go far to celebrate the 2 guys birthday. We decided to go to Time Square for a movie session, then head back to Kajang for 5 hours Dota session, continued by drinking and cho tai ti session all the way till sunrise.

I reach home at 7am, with a lifeless body and nagging from my parents. Every time I read Pandaaa's blog, I always wondered what does it feel like to have invitations to parties like 3 times a week. I can only guess one word; tiring. I`m literally exhausted from all the outings, partying and drinking. In fact, I`m thinking of abstaining from alco for a while. Which I highly doubt. Maybe my slavery like work environment will drain my mood from doing anything except getting a good night rest.

Living an unaffordable life

This would apply to all interns in KL. In fact, going on an internship in KL would almost amount to torture and slavery. I have not started my internship, but fears of being unable to survive have already sink in.

I traveled to Damansara to collect my offer letter yesterday. I thought I prepared for the worst. Knowing traffic jam will be inevitable during the morning and evening, I choose to travel at 3pm. A time where people do not rush to work, to have lunch or to go back. But I was wrong. In KL, it`s jam the entire freaking day. Even at 3 pm. It is just a lot more bearable, but it was jam nonetheless. I was traveling on 40kph constant on an expressway all the way to the office.

After this ordeal, I thought the surprise stops there. Until I look at my contract. I get a additional 50 ringgit per month, making it RM 550, BUT, I`ll be working half day on Saturday as well!!!!!!. I would rather give them back RM 50 and have my Saturday off. 6 days of torture a week, which means I can`t even go out on Friday night!

I miss studying life already, even when I have not even started working.

and let me justify even more why this is worst that slavery. At the very least, you get food and a place to stay in exchange for your work. Let do some simple calculation and form a conclusion for yourself.


A Room at Damasara : Rm 500
Fuel Cost for a month: RM 300
Food. (RM 15 /day x 30) : RM 450

Minimun expenditure for a lifeless, working robotic zombie: RM 1250.

Which means even if you slave yourself, you`ll still end up forking 700 bucks a month. Whoever who say that slavery is a thing in the past.... is right. We have now come to something a lot more worst. A capitalist market.

The era of cheap airflights

Decision making and planning are almost two terms that is opposite polarity now. With promotions come and go in split second, and life filled with sudden changes of circumstances, I find it very hard to play safe and make sure every things are accounted for before proceeding for bookings.

In the end, despite all uncertainties, I paid for an air flight. 8 months into the future. I`ll be going to Melbourne on the 1st of June - 9th of June 09. It`s horribly near to my exam, and horribly near to my internship. My schedule is so inflexible, that there`s no room for the slightest readjustment.

But hey, that`s a trip to Melbourne. I should not be complaining.

There are other plans that I would like to make. Plans that are in the very near future. Like hiking Mt. Kinabalu. Like securing a placement for an internship in Europe. Life is full of uncertainties. I guess that`s what make it fun :)


I forget I have one more subject to go!

I have to take the first part of MUET tomorrow morning at 7.30am!! and that`s not the only problem.

I don`t know the format of the paper.

I`m not sure whether tomorrow is the listening part or written part

I don`t know where is my exam venue (whether it is in MMU or in one of the school at town)

and worst! I lost my exam slip.

Yaiks indeed.

I`m back!

Phew, I`m so glad to be home. The past few days was incredibly fun, but exhausting. There`re many things that made this trip unique. Some that contributed to making this trip an awesome one, while some simply made our life miserable.

Like, traveling there with 4 African fun, getting stop at custom for no reason at all is not. It pisses me off that the basis of suspicion for these people is simply because they`re black. They got interrogated on the custom every single time the cross the border. *and we missed our bus because of this.

And for the first time, I actually miscalculated the amount of cash I needed to bring. Ending up with a nightmare of possibilities of not being able to pay for my accommodation and registration. Though with a twist of luck, I managed to negotiate discounts from here and there and I cross back to Malaysia with 1.25$ to spare. :) :)

I met up with my uncle and his 'engaged' gf. (turns out to be just a meaningless facebook status done just for fun. Dude. grow up. You`re like 40. lol). They are like the most fun people around. We had dinner at Jumbo, Clark Quay and gosh, the chili crabs are just fantastic. I`m hungry just thinking about it right now.

We went to 2 clubs after that. (yes, still with my uncle and his gf). The first one at Butter Factory to meet up with his gf's girlfriends. The atmosphere were a little dull and the drinks sucks. So we decided to go to Zouk and the partying begins. I had like the best drinks of my life, with red wines, martinis, vodka, whisky, cognac and some shit that I can`t even name.

What about the debate? I'm personally quite happy with the results. I was rank 9th place in the individual standings and 10th place in team. A rank that very few Malaysia teams had make for the past few years. It`s nice to know that I manage to stay in the top 10 bracket even outside Malaysia.

I`m so looking forward to a 12 hours long sleep. Goodnight everyone. :)

Celebration after exam.

These are simple things I did after exams.

1) Watch 6 movies in a row. And I really like Forgetting Sarah Marshall for some reason.
2) Eat satay celup. I`m surprised that my portion went down from the usual 25 stick to 15.
3) Played pool with Adelene. Slightly more enjoyable than the other girls I used to play with.
4) Sleep 12 hours in a row. YESSS I finally manage to do that again!
5) Played mahjong the entire night. And this, without doubt, is the best of them all.

I didn`t win nor lose much. Though, I really really enjoyed the game. Phew. 7.30am now. Got to rush to Singapore. Adioz :)

Places to go.

I will stand at that very top one day.


6 months of exam free day starts now

As I pen down my last words on my paper this morning, I wondered how many people of the 200 sitting around me will notice my absence for the next 4 months. I can`t believe, that as of today, I`ll be skipping more than 4 months of school. There are few things running around my mind right now. Menial stuff like what should I bring back and what to leave here. Should I bring back all my clothing (as they will smell really bad if I leave it here unattended for so long). What about my monitor? speakers?. Is it save to leave it here for so long? What about those poor soft toys that will be left alone?

I just realized that I have not prepared anything. I`m leaving for Singapore in 2 days for debate, and then moving out for quite some time, and will start my work with Gamuda 2 weeks later. My club administrative paper work is not completed, I have no collect my offer letter, I have not book accommodation in Singapore, I have not changed my money, and gasp, I totally forgot about seeking accommodation in KL. I`m so not traveling back and forth from Kajang to Damansara everyday.

Conclusion : I need a personal slave. :)

Why so sad?

My msn shout out was littered with :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

I would say it`s typical of me to just whine and rant during exam season (and non exam season..practically the whole year). But this time, it`s so bad, that I can barely take it anymore.

This is largely due to me being unable to sleep. I wake up every almost every two hours, checking the time and then spend the next 2 hours getting back to sleep. I don`t know whether it`s insomnia, or just worried that I wouldn`t wake up tomorrow for my paper, or so stress due to the exams. I longer enjoy the 12 hours of sleep a day I use to get previously (especially during exams when there`s no classes). I get constant nightmares of me arriving late for my exams or worst, missing it.

When I wake up, I can`t tell whether it`s light or day, making me doubting whether I`m still in my dreams or awake in reality. This is not good. Bad, horrible, and completely undesirable. And I`m sure the same will reflect in my results. I no longer had the confidence to score despite one of the highest coursework marks for my subjects.

Why is this happening? Is it sign of maturing, where I start to take things more seriously (or too seriously), or is it signs of depression?

Biological Clock

Both me and my housemate, Aaron agreed on one thing. Our biological clock is screwed. However, both of us live in different timezone, where his life begins at 12am while, I`m still (trying to) maintain some humanity in me and usually sleep by 2am on a normal academic day.

imagine by http:/

And it`s funny, that since we had been housemates for 3 year and 4 months now, we had rarely see each other. Primarily because he wakes up when I left home and vice versa. So the only time we actually meet up is when it`s time to pay rent.

So it`s quite surprising to see him in the morning for the past one week. He wakes up at 7am, (which he claim is the most fucked up thing because everyone else is in bed by now while missing all activities done during the night) and I`m still awake at 7am (because I now sleep at 11am, after my 9 o clock paper).

I`m sure my body is going to pay for this horrible routine. I no longer able to tell the time when I get up. I need to set my clock to 24 hours setting to know whether the 7 o clock is am or pm. But, one thing I thoroughly enjoyed so far, is that the morning is actually quite beautiful. :)

My Summer Internship :)

It`s summer here all year long. So, any internship in Malaysia can be called summer internship right :P

Anyway, I might have told some of you that I`ll be taking my next semester off because I`m bored of studying. (yes, now it`s the time for you to go.. OMG! GASP! YOU`RE SERIOUS???) Nope, nothing you that you`re going to say will change my mind. Unless my leave is rejected, which is highly unlikely.

Ok, before people conclude that I`m a no-good, lazy, hopeless student, I`ll put a simple line of defense. 1) It is a very short semester that last only about 2.5 months. 2) I have only one subject according to my schedule and I can postpone it to my final year. There you go. I`m actually being more productive working, rather than spend the entire semester on one miserable subject. Besides, I might actually get an industrial know-how to do my FYP the year after.

Initially, I wanted to do my internship abroad, however, last minute arrangment will cost me to pay crazy fares for my flight. So I decide to postpone my foreign internship to my actual one next June. For now, I`ll work with my sponsors, Gamuda. By mandate, the company required me to work for them as an intern for at least 30 days anyway.

I received my confirmation yesterday and I`ll be working on this project. The 12.5 billion ringgit Electrified Double Tract Project (2t). It was quite a hot issue and appeared on papers a coupled of times. I have very little details on it for now (besides the one that appears on news, websites and forums). I have no idea which part of the project I`ll be working for. I`m hoping for to work for HQ, so I don`t have to get sent all the way to Kedah (I think the progress is about there right now).

My internship will officially starts on Nov 3rd and ends 6 weeks later. Just in time for the World University Peace Invitational Debate on the 13th of December. I hope it`ll be a fun filled experience till then.

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

You don`t need to wait till Halloween to see vampires here in MMU Malacca. Just wait till exam season and you`ll practically see no one during the day, and everyone during the midnight till dusk. I have not seen day light for a week, except for the hours when I have to go to sit for my papers.

Of course, instead of sucking your blood, these vampires will suck the lecturer's (.....) for tips and extra coursework mark. Tell me how`s that not scary enough.

That is definitely not the Halloween I want to go through. Thankfully, Nuffnang will be organizing a 'silent' Halloween party this year. Why 'silent', because exams are still going around and you`re not suppose to make any noise. Besides, it is the least we can do since all those poor souls won`t be able to come and stay miserable studying for their papers.

Wait, did I write wrongly? How is it a party if it`s silent? There will be no music being blasted by those huge ass speakers that`re bigger than my wardrobe, so what are we going to dance to? Nooo.this is the end for the party (that have not even started)........ until Nokia comes in to save it.

In order to observe the silent rule, use the earphone laaaaaa. :) :) And the best device that goes on with it is definitely the new Nokia 5220/5230 Xpress Music phone. *I heard someone shout Ipod around the corner. Alright here`s why the Nokia Xpress is better than the Ipod.

a) You can`t call you friend when you`re too drunk to get out from the club with an Ipod
b) You can convince your old folks to get you a phone, but a 1k music player! They`ll say go listen to the radio instead :(
c) Nokia`s from Finland and Apple is from America. Anything to do with the US now is not cool.
d) Dude.. Nokia gives you a ticket to the Halloween party, not Ipod. Enough said.

Can I get the invites now, please? :P

The worst has passed.

We`re finally done with Fluid Dynamics!!


Despite not knowing how to do half the paper, that`s completely fine. :) :) :) :)

3 more to go. *going to sleep peacefully for the first time in a week.

NS Blues

National Service in Malaysia had long been ridiculed as a white elephant. It consumes a significant amount of tax payers money, but yielded no positive outcome. The most consistent comment coming from the trainees are "I had fun". And that`s about it.
No crap about 'stronger inter racial ties' and 'I love Malaysia more'. Really, give us that amount of money instead (roughly about 1.5k per person) and I might really love Malaysia more.

Fine. The government love to spend money on stupid projects. From all the abandoned gov complexes and highway projects... it`s not something that we`re unfamiliar with. And hey, after all, NS is a free holiday. Especially for people like me who like the outdoors. But what happen when one doesn`t want to go? (refer to Jane`s case from The Star)

NS: Jane Have to Attend

I get the rational for the decision. They can even add arguments about setting precedences and potential of abuse and it`ll be valid as well. But for something that`s not of any necessity to the country like our NS program (please, the MOST technical stuff they learn is only to fire a gun), I say screw that and let the poor child go.

Hundreds of people skipped NS and differed without the intention of coming were left aside without any consequences. (the few that had been 'prosecuted' were exception and I can assure you, it`s a publicity gimmick). Yet, one family, who went through the proper channel and personally ask for exemption, they are refusing their plea. Gosh. Why do you have to be 'efficient' and 'righteous' at the wrong time and at the wrong people.

I really pity the family. I guess, the most consoling words I can say is, welcome to Malaysia.

World oldest toy.

I vaguely remember, that one of the world's oldest toy is a Yo-Yo. It had came a long way since it was first created, with new addition and cutting edges technologies that allow modern day yo yo to be very responsive and balanced. With ball bearings type yo-yo, it can easily spin for 30s (record was 10 minutes plus).

I use to enjoy playing it very much, and was rather enthusiastic about it too when I was 12/13. I went around KL chasing after tournaments. And even made to the national's semis. Too bad the craze in Malaysia died that year itself. While else way around the world, yo-yo ing had come to this level.

Above is Yuuki Spencer, contestant from the States, (won 1st place) and below Suzuki, from Japan. (won 2nd). Both their name sounds Jap though.

I was so amaze, that I was watch all the videos of the world yo yo contest for the last 5 years. If only youtube were popular back then, I would have learned the tricks off the net :)

Ahh.. I`m definitely going to play some of my old yo yo after my exam. The first paper starts tomorrow. Wish me luck :)

A week of celebration

The past week had been the most happening week since I came back from Philippines. 4 of my friend, Clairine, Jin Ian, Grace and Andrew turned 21 and the we had the craziest celebration for those that are around.

We went to Genting last week as part of Jin Ian's birthday celebration.

But because we spent all our time in the casino rather than enjoying ourselfs ( alright we did enjoy a little since uncle lim was quite genorous), Jin Ian decided to have a bbq at his place on Wednesday.

Grace's Bday falls on the day after, so we celebrated hers as well.

and the cake war started.

It was fun. We ate, drink, gamble a little more, and then head over to play snooker, dota and counter strike all the way till sun rise. The party ended after a early breakfast at mamak. Though, a few of them went on to play basketball........

To be fair to Grace, (for having a pretty face smudge with chocolate cake) we went out again, this time to Euphoria.

The bday boy

Bday Girl

the scene

the guys

and the girls

It just a waste that I don`t remember what happen half of the night. It was pretty scary to wake up at home, with no recollection of how I got back. And ever scarier, explaining it to my parents...

Mom: Gosh, you drove back drunk?
Me : No, I didn`t. (I think). My frend sent me back. (I think).
Mom: Ouh. Who?
Me : I have no idea (wink)
Everyone else: ........

It was only later in the day I found out what happen and how I got back. Now I need to hide my face in Malacca. :) :) :)

House Bunny Premier Screening

*God knows why my friend is keeping the Genting pictures for so long and not uploading it. So, that post will have to wait.


Finals are in 5 days time and I have no idea what subjects I`m taking. I really really need to get back to Malacca. I can never study here, and despite all the self proclaimed determination/motivation... I cannot bring myself to the desk when there are so many activities tempting me.

From Genting in the weekends, I went to a premier screening of House Bunny at The Curve today. Nuffnang gave me 2 tickets for completing the slogan "I want to watch House Bunny because... I was one in my past life". The slogan was suggested by Benjamin. Doctors... I tell you, have nasty wits.

This time, I brought Jamie along with me. And I got to know that she knew a lot more ppl there than me. In fact, the people actually ask if we`re of the same age, despite her being 5 years younger than me. Sigh!!!!! *being mistaken for 16 marks a record for the inaccurate reflection of my age.

You can see my horribly 'du lan' look here.

If you wondered why the pictures are so clear, this girl camwhore with a DSLR Canon EOS. When she whipped out her camera, I was completely speechless.

Sigh... 16 years old girl, with a DSLR......the world is certainly getting weirder.

*More pictures:

Our dessert place : "the Apartments"

Duck n Mango Salad (weird combination, awesome taste)

Baked Chocoate and ice cream, possibly the best dessert I had ever tasted.

nice lighting.

The movie itself were so-so. There are quite a lot of scene where I laughed by heart out. But ultimately, I`m the kind of person that don`t really enjoy picking at dumb blonds. Still, a good show if you`re looking for hot chicks, big boobs, lots of skin and mindless laughter.

ratings: 3/5


gosh.. ALEX!! stop blogging and start studying!!

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