When drawing hunts you again.

It`s no secret that I sucked in arts. It decorated my report card with red colour back in secondary school. And I hated the subject ever since. Ironically, I ended up in the engineering major that had the most amount of drawing. Applied Statics, Engineering Grapics, Engineering Design, Cad/Cam are all drawing centric subjects.

The consolations is of course, that there are more straight lines then curves and 'free hand' are term that does not exist within this field. For this semester, I have to use computer and a software call CATIA. I heard the licensing for this software goes up to RM 80k a year. Gasp!!!

We acquired our software easily since it`s Malaysia =) and was discretely encourage by our lecturers because we really need to have one to do our assignment. It`s technicquely impossible to finish your assignment using the horrible pc at the lab. In addition, its one assignment that take ages to finish, (I`ve been drawing for the past few days).

The title of the assignment is simple. Draw anything with more than 4 parts. And we choose to draw this. :) :) :)

45 parts in total. Yes, we actually bought one, dismantled it to get the dimensions. We`re about to finish, and this is my last assignment for this semester. Wish me luck!!!

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