What grown ups do...

when you`re bored with yum cha at mamak, too lazy to play sports, to unlucky to play snooker, and too broke to go to club...

you turn to things you used to do for free during childhood. Visit the playground.

Of cuz, it`s a little dodgy having a bunch of guys sitting in the playground in the middle of the night. Neighbours might think that we`re sniffing glue and drinking beers. (and I can assure you the only thing we drink that night is Cincau and chysentimun tea) .

Though, being sober doesn`t stop us from doing stupid stuff like hanging upside down while attempting to do sit up, and playing cincau war (using straws).

I wished I had done something more productive over the weekend, but I guess.. having a break like this once a while is not too bad a thing.

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