Western food recommendation

If you are going to kl and want to have decent food for a decent price, try heading to the Ship. Terri and I visited the place last week and the atmosphere were excellent. Alright... not the best there is, but it`s cozy enough for me to stay for another good 30 minutes after my meal.

Most of the prices are from RM20 except for steaks which starts at RM 40... but hey, if you want to eat steak, you should be able to afford it :). And it`s really hard to resist it especially when you see every table there them.

medium done charbroiled steak

But what made me like this place so much is the fact that they serve alco at a very affordable price. Cocktail ranged from 12-25 while wines are 13 per glass. If you plan to seat there for quite some time, you can get house pour for RM 39.90.

Some good wine with steaks and salad, what more can you ask for.

The Ship's Salad

I`ll be back there again one day. :)

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