It`s fun having visitor occasionally. The last time I had one was when Claire dropped by before she left for the states.

On a random suggestion, Anne came to malacca to pay me a visit. Hence the trip around the city... again :) This time there`s a new addition to the default visiting place. The ever-controversial, money wasting, Menara Taming Sari.

Fine. 20 million is a fair amount to pay to preserve culture, but to build a weird tower that have no relevance to the city. (mind you, Malacca is a officially recognize as a World's Heritage City.). I say that`s 20 million into destroying this historical city.

But we went up never the less. Talk about hypocrisy :) heeee. And it cost 10 bucks per person.. ouch.

The view is not that superb, and kinda reveal all the ugly rooftops the city have. But more importantly, it`s the ride is so horribly short, I couldn`t even take pictures for a full 360*

So, done with stupid tower, we do what tourist usually do. Shop.

and spend on weird souvenirs that u can probably buy at Petaling street as well.

At the end of the day, what Malacca have to offer and worth paying is the food and the atmosphere. I think the best time of the trip is the dinner at Portugese Settlement. Good food, Good atmosphere.... one happy guest :)

Thanks Anne for dropping by. :) :) :)

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