Politics in Malaysia updates.

Whenever I read the newspaper nowadays, I read it for the sake of its entertainment value rather than factual. You know things had gone bad when newspapers began using quotation marks. Like BN backbenches went for 'Agricultural' trip and PKR also went for 'Agricultural' trip. Well of cuz the former was for storage purpose (keep them safe from Anwar) while the later is obviously 'farming'. Hmmmm.. very "agriculture "like indeed.

RPK, Teresa Kok, and a Sing Chew daily reporter (then don`t even bother figure out his name), is put under ISA. Yeah!! Another chance to be featured on BBC. Funny enough, rather than lawyers, they are banking on Anwar's promise to topple the government for their relaese.

Sept 16. Even if nothing happens on that day, but the commotion it cause just because of that date makes it somehwat of historical proportion. Malaysia, truly Asia.

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