A new chapter of responsibility

12.pm. It is accomplished. When I handed in my 50 page of Catia drawing assignment and the Assembly design, I felt like a big boulder had just been lifted away from me. Not to mention, I`m really really proud of my work, which consumed approximate 60 working hours. Finally, after 4 days of not sleeping and eating well, I walked home like a zombie and stared at the wall till I wandered into nothingness.

I woke up 3 hours later. For a person who enjoys 12 hours of sleep a day, this is somewhat a torture. Yet a torture I have to endure. I open my financial report that will need to be presented in Voices AGM tonight. The last accounts was made 2 months ago and I have not been following up the expenditure since the new treasurer was installed. There`s more work to be done.

I ran for president for the debate club. And won. After a year's break of not holding a director/chair's portfolio, I foolishly enslaved myself in the co-curricular activities again.
Now, there`s meeting to be hold, events to run, paperworks to be filled, and a whole lot of phone calls to make. It still a wonder how I`m able to organize a society, but not my own life.

As disfranchised as this entry, I believed I`m in the state right now. All I need is some sleep. A long sleep. Goodnight world.

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

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