Computer Aided Manufacturing Milling Assignments.

*milling = very similar to drilling. It`s to use the drill bit to carve out an entire shape rather than just a hole.

I had actually completed the programing for this assignment weeks ago. My group mate want to kiss my lecturer`s ass so we decided to mill a traditional seal using his name. Which of course means a nightmare for me because programming the curves of the traditional chinese font is crazy.

After 10 hours of programming we went to lab to make the block.

Obstacle no 1
We have no idea how to use the automated milling machine.

Solution : ask the lab technician to help us. Step by step

Obstacle no 2
Stupid obsolete machine can support the call function of our simulator program.

Solution : Reprogramming the call function which makes my total program lines doubled.
(and it takes 1 hours to mill 1o0 lines, we had a total of 700 lines)

Obstacle no 3
Because we use different set of tools, and the machine cannot offset them accurately, our surface is not leveled as there`s a .05 mm difference in depth.

Solution.. gah I guess it`s better to explain with pictures...

a) Get a hot plate

b) Find a colour candle (we choose red as seals are suppose to be in red anyway)

c) Heat it up!!

d) and TADA!!!!!
Now the surface are completely leveled!!. Smart guys.. but horrible kiasu. They have not passed it up early because they scared other groups will steal their techniques. Sigh.


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wei picture cannot see wan????

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