The blogging buzz

I don`t know how much is it relevent here in Malaysia. Benjamin just won the Philippine Blog Award recently for the personal blog category with his blog entitle, Apparently it was quite a big thing there, with the event appearing in the news and the winners being interviewed.

Here, the only time you see bloggers making it to the news is when they get hurl off to ISA. Such a shame really. So much for aspiring to be a developed nation. The politicians should really stop acting like monkeys. Oh wait, they might not be acting after all.

I do hope that the blogosphere will expand in Malaysia. Advertising companies like Nuffnang are making efforts to make events and promote more incentive for ppl to blog. Kennysia, is boring ppl out but I he still provides decent reads once a while. There are more politicians and big name that started their blog since the last election; ppl like Dr. Mahathir, Datuk Tony and so on.

It`ll certainly be great, that whenever there`s a launch, the opening ceremony will be filled with average joes who will blog it out in the net. I`m sure one day this will happen. Till then, I`ll just leech off the free movie passes by Nuffnang :)

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