Alexander the Great

The first time I was called as such was by the Human Resource Managers of 3 company during the final leg of my scholarship interview. It gave me an ego boost as I was the only one who walked out from the room smiling. (yes, there are ppl who cried, literally).

The second time, it came as a permalink to my blog from Adelene's

and these were times when the great name have not been tainted by the movie depicting him as gay.

The last time I saw a similar link.... from Robb`s blog. (the guy from Nuffnang)

lol.. That`s not me ok!! Phew.


Unknown 12:16 PM  

actually, affection between male were widely accepted in the ancient times of greece and rome.

alexander was portrayed the way he was in the movie, but sadly, Achilles in Troy was changed without the public knowledge. did you know that patroclus, the person that was killed and triggered his vengence to destroy the city of troy was not his cousin, but his lover instead?

it's really a shame that society and religions had shunned certain human behaviors into bad light.

Alex 1:06 PM  

lol... chill mate.

Society are getting more tolerant towards homosexuals. Knowing that not all gays are 'soft' and lady like, it`s sometimes still fun to make fun of that characteristic. Particularly if it`s not aimed personally at anyone (besides Alexander the great :) )

lateralus 3:57 AM  

I knew it! Lol.

Why be so defensive about it? LOL

Alex 7:24 AM  

wth!! speechless :P

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