A new layout! again!

I`m still quite happy with the previous layout, but unfortunately the pictures that forms the background had their bandwidth exceeded. So here`s a new one. Rather simple, but hey, simplicity is a good thing right. :)

I`l blog about my trip to Genting soon. Tired, exhausted and extremely worried about my exam next week. Catch up with you guys later.

The times of today.

I was moved by a video from Aiesec. It basically reminds us that as the world grow, we have gained a lot, but lost more.

We have Taller buildings, but shorter tempers,
Wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints .

We spent more, but have less,
We buy more, but enjoy it less.

We have bigger house, but smaller families,
more convenience, but less time.

We have more expects, but more problems,
More medicine, but less wellness.

We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values,
We talk too much, but love too seldom, and hate too often.

We have added years to our life, but not life to our years.

We have been all the way to the moon and back,
but have trouble crossing the street to meet our neighbour.

We have split the atom, but not our prejudice,
We have become long on quantity, but short on quality.

These are time of tall men but short character
steep profits and shallow relationships.

More leisure, but less fun
More kind of food, but less nutrition,

These are times of fancier houses, but broken homes.

These are time technology made it possible to share this around.
Let the world change into a better place.

Alexander the Great

The first time I was called as such was by the Human Resource Managers of 3 company during the final leg of my scholarship interview. It gave me an ego boost as I was the only one who walked out from the room smiling. (yes, there are ppl who cried, literally).

The second time, it came as a permalink to my blog from Adelene's

and these were times when the great name have not been tainted by the movie depicting him as gay.

The last time I saw a similar link.... from Robb`s blog. (the guy from Nuffnang)

lol.. alexander-the-gay.blogspot.com. That`s not me ok!! Phew.

Computer Aided Manufacturing Milling Assignments.

*milling = very similar to drilling. It`s to use the drill bit to carve out an entire shape rather than just a hole.

I had actually completed the programing for this assignment weeks ago. My group mate want to kiss my lecturer`s ass so we decided to mill a traditional seal using his name. Which of course means a nightmare for me because programming the curves of the traditional chinese font is crazy.

After 10 hours of programming we went to lab to make the block.

Obstacle no 1
We have no idea how to use the automated milling machine.

Solution : ask the lab technician to help us. Step by step

Obstacle no 2
Stupid obsolete machine can support the call function of our simulator program.

Solution : Reprogramming the call function which makes my total program lines doubled.
(and it takes 1 hours to mill 1o0 lines, we had a total of 700 lines)

Obstacle no 3
Because we use different set of tools, and the machine cannot offset them accurately, our surface is not leveled as there`s a .05 mm difference in depth.

Solution.. gah I guess it`s better to explain with pictures...

a) Get a hot plate

b) Find a colour candle (we choose red as seals are suppose to be in red anyway)

c) Heat it up!!

d) and TADA!!!!!
Now the surface are completely leveled!!. Smart guys.. but horrible kiasu. They have not passed it up early because they scared other groups will steal their techniques. Sigh.

The blogging buzz

I don`t know how much is it relevent here in Malaysia. Benjamin just won the Philippine Blog Award recently for the personal blog category with his blog entitle, atheista.net. Apparently it was quite a big thing there, with the event appearing in the news and the winners being interviewed.

Here, the only time you see bloggers making it to the news is when they get hurl off to ISA. Such a shame really. So much for aspiring to be a developed nation. The politicians should really stop acting like monkeys. Oh wait, they might not be acting after all.

I do hope that the blogosphere will expand in Malaysia. Advertising companies like Nuffnang are making efforts to make events and promote more incentive for ppl to blog. Kennysia, is boring ppl out but I he still provides decent reads once a while. There are more politicians and big name that started their blog since the last election; ppl like Dr. Mahathir, Datuk Tony and so on.

It`ll certainly be great, that whenever there`s a launch, the opening ceremony will be filled with average joes who will blog it out in the net. I`m sure one day this will happen. Till then, I`ll just leech off the free movie passes by Nuffnang :)

A new chapter of responsibility

12.pm. It is accomplished. When I handed in my 50 page of Catia drawing assignment and the Assembly design, I felt like a big boulder had just been lifted away from me. Not to mention, I`m really really proud of my work, which consumed approximate 60 working hours. Finally, after 4 days of not sleeping and eating well, I walked home like a zombie and stared at the wall till I wandered into nothingness.

I woke up 3 hours later. For a person who enjoys 12 hours of sleep a day, this is somewhat a torture. Yet a torture I have to endure. I open my financial report that will need to be presented in Voices AGM tonight. The last accounts was made 2 months ago and I have not been following up the expenditure since the new treasurer was installed. There`s more work to be done.

I ran for president for the debate club. And won. After a year's break of not holding a director/chair's portfolio, I foolishly enslaved myself in the co-curricular activities again.
Now, there`s meeting to be hold, events to run, paperworks to be filled, and a whole lot of phone calls to make. It still a wonder how I`m able to organize a society, but not my own life.

As disfranchised as this entry, I believed I`m in the state right now. All I need is some sleep. A long sleep. Goodnight world.

When drawing hunts you again.

It`s no secret that I sucked in arts. It decorated my report card with red colour back in secondary school. And I hated the subject ever since. Ironically, I ended up in the engineering major that had the most amount of drawing. Applied Statics, Engineering Grapics, Engineering Design, Cad/Cam are all drawing centric subjects.

The consolations is of course, that there are more straight lines then curves and 'free hand' are term that does not exist within this field. For this semester, I have to use computer and a software call CATIA. I heard the licensing for this software goes up to RM 80k a year. Gasp!!!

We acquired our software easily since it`s Malaysia =) and was discretely encourage by our lecturers because we really need to have one to do our assignment. It`s technicquely impossible to finish your assignment using the horrible pc at the lab. In addition, its one assignment that take ages to finish, (I`ve been drawing for the past few days).

The title of the assignment is simple. Draw anything with more than 4 parts. And we choose to draw this. :) :) :)

45 parts in total. Yes, we actually bought one, dismantled it to get the dimensions. We`re about to finish, and this is my last assignment for this semester. Wish me luck!!!

Facebook will take over the world - part 2

Someone new`s in my facebook friend list.

If even busy ppl like is using it, It`s just a matter of time before facebook be the new google.


From the Star today, when asked about reducing the oil price.

On the oil price drop in the world market, Abdullah said it was good but Petronas’ revenue would drop as well as the subsidy.

When the oil price went up, didn`t petronas revenue went up as well as the subsidies. How inconsistant can you get. Reading the papers is a complete pointless activity nowadays.

Western food recommendation

If you are going to kl and want to have decent food for a decent price, try heading to the Ship. Terri and I visited the place last week and the atmosphere were excellent. Alright... not the best there is, but it`s cozy enough for me to stay for another good 30 minutes after my meal.

Most of the prices are from RM20 except for steaks which starts at RM 40... but hey, if you want to eat steak, you should be able to afford it :). And it`s really hard to resist it especially when you see every table there them.

medium done charbroiled steak

But what made me like this place so much is the fact that they serve alco at a very affordable price. Cocktail ranged from 12-25 while wines are 13 per glass. If you plan to seat there for quite some time, you can get house pour for RM 39.90.

Some good wine with steaks and salad, what more can you ask for.

The Ship's Salad

I`ll be back there again one day. :)

Politics in Malaysia updates.

Whenever I read the newspaper nowadays, I read it for the sake of its entertainment value rather than factual. You know things had gone bad when newspapers began using quotation marks. Like BN backbenches went for 'Agricultural' trip and PKR also went for 'Agricultural' trip. Well of cuz the former was for storage purpose (keep them safe from Anwar) while the later is obviously 'farming'. Hmmmm.. very "agriculture "like indeed.

RPK, Teresa Kok, and a Sing Chew daily reporter (then don`t even bother figure out his name), is put under ISA. Yeah!! Another chance to be featured on BBC. Funny enough, rather than lawyers, they are banking on Anwar's promise to topple the government for their relaese.

Sept 16. Even if nothing happens on that day, but the commotion it cause just because of that date makes it somehwat of historical proportion. Malaysia, truly Asia.


CAM Milling Assignment
Theory of Machine Assignment
CAM Turning Assignment
CAD Assignment
Control Engineering Assignment

My life is taken over by assignments.. :(


It`s fun having visitor occasionally. The last time I had one was when Claire dropped by before she left for the states.

On a random suggestion, Anne came to malacca to pay me a visit. Hence the trip around the city... again :) This time there`s a new addition to the default visiting place. The ever-controversial, money wasting, Menara Taming Sari.

Fine. 20 million is a fair amount to pay to preserve culture, but to build a weird tower that have no relevance to the city. (mind you, Malacca is a officially recognize as a World's Heritage City.). I say that`s 20 million into destroying this historical city.

But we went up never the less. Talk about hypocrisy :) heeee. And it cost 10 bucks per person.. ouch.

The view is not that superb, and kinda reveal all the ugly rooftops the city have. But more importantly, it`s the ride is so horribly short, I couldn`t even take pictures for a full 360*

So, done with stupid tower, we do what tourist usually do. Shop.

and spend on weird souvenirs that u can probably buy at Petaling street as well.

At the end of the day, what Malacca have to offer and worth paying is the food and the atmosphere. I think the best time of the trip is the dinner at Portugese Settlement. Good food, Good atmosphere.... one happy guest :)

Thanks Anne for dropping by. :) :) :)

7670 days later..

That`s 21 years old in total. I`m still unsure whether I have brought in positive contribution to the world or the other way round. I`ve asked weird questions like whether you will prefer death or simple cease to exist, and I found out that the only one who choose the later was me.

But of course, reality wise, you don`t really have an options, so what`s better to celebrate your birthday then to open your presents :) :) :) :) :) I`m not really sure if I got all the names right for the right presents cuz some of them doesn`t have any cards. But I appreciette each and everyone of them. Thanks you all very very much.

I`ve received loads of t-shirts from Kl,Wong, Chong, Jin Ian, Soo Ann, Addie, Kina, Saha, Christine, Weng Kit, Grace and Ibrahim

A belt, from Terri and Shea Leen

A Parker Pen, From Aqtar

A brand new watch - from Aunt Lucy

and a drinking game (damm, they knew too much about me); Pei Nee, Vivian, Jane, Yomae and David

And of cuz ang paos from my parents. Heeeeee. There`s not a single day that`s pass without their love and support. As much as I don`t think this day is that much of a significants, I hope this turn well from today onwards :)

P.S: Also thanks to those who wish me today. You know who you are. :) :)

What grown ups do...

when you`re bored with yum cha at mamak, too lazy to play sports, to unlucky to play snooker, and too broke to go to club...

you turn to things you used to do for free during childhood. Visit the playground.

Of cuz, it`s a little dodgy having a bunch of guys sitting in the playground in the middle of the night. Neighbours might think that we`re sniffing glue and drinking beers. (and I can assure you the only thing we drink that night is Cincau and chysentimun tea) .

Though, being sober doesn`t stop us from doing stupid stuff like hanging upside down while attempting to do sit up, and playing cincau war (using straws).

I wished I had done something more productive over the weekend, but I guess.. having a break like this once a while is not too bad a thing.

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.