7670 days later..

That`s 21 years old in total. I`m still unsure whether I have brought in positive contribution to the world or the other way round. I`ve asked weird questions like whether you will prefer death or simple cease to exist, and I found out that the only one who choose the later was me.

But of course, reality wise, you don`t really have an options, so what`s better to celebrate your birthday then to open your presents :) :) :) :) :) I`m not really sure if I got all the names right for the right presents cuz some of them doesn`t have any cards. But I appreciette each and everyone of them. Thanks you all very very much.

I`ve received loads of t-shirts from Kl,Wong, Chong, Jin Ian, Soo Ann, Addie, Kina, Saha, Christine, Weng Kit, Grace and Ibrahim

A belt, from Terri and Shea Leen

A Parker Pen, From Aqtar

A brand new watch - from Aunt Lucy

and a drinking game (damm, they knew too much about me); Pei Nee, Vivian, Jane, Yomae and David

And of cuz ang paos from my parents. Heeeeee. There`s not a single day that`s pass without their love and support. As much as I don`t think this day is that much of a significants, I hope this turn well from today onwards :)

P.S: Also thanks to those who wish me today. You know who you are. :) :)


lateralus 4:18 PM  

belated happy birthday, ALEX!

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