A week too early

This is not a announcement to the world. Seriously, I had stop caring about ppl knowing my birthday. I mere wish of happy birthday means just as much a a hello. In fact, I would rather appreciate ppl who say hello on a normal day and not because it`s my birthday.

On the other hand, my mom wants me to celebrate my birthday this year. Typical Chinese family regards 21 years old as a cause of celebration. And she wants it to be on this weekend. I don`t feel like having a party to begin with, what more, having it a week earlier than the actual date. I think it`s terrible weird to have ppl singing Happy Birthday to you when you`re not actually of that age yet.

I can`t find any logical reasoning behind my apprehension about this. It`s just plain intuition. That something is not right. Someone care to explain?

*and I receive two early birthday greetings/presents already. One from Genting and one from Jusco. To have people giving you presents when it`s not the time yet, what`s there to look for when you birthday finally arrive?

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