Unnecessary cost

I was just calculating how much I spent of repairing/replacing the things that had spoil since the year started. The sum was quite ridiculous.

January 1) A wrecked Proton Persona, replaced with a new Proton Persona - RM 140000 (after deducting insurance payment)

2) Jammed camera lens. RM 300

February 3) Faulty laptop charger - RM 70
4) Bended bed frame - Rm 30
5) Puncture tired - RM 10

March - 6) Replace worn out leather cover for my motor - RM 20

April - 7) Piano`s rusty string and damaged hammers - RM 600

May - 8) Missing jacket - Rm 60

June - 9) Faulty transfer cable : replaced with a card reader : Rm 30

July - 10) Faulty laptop - replaced with a new one - 2.1k
11) Short circuited water heater - ???? (yet to be repaired)

August - 12) Motor engine`s piston damaged - Rm 200.

Even if I don`t account for the car, the others cost me enough for me to actually go for a holiday to Aussie or Japan. Can things stop going missing and faulty for a change??

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