PC Fair Perils

Going there without cash in hand could mean two thing. A) You`re smart to foresee that your wallet might be stolen/lost. B) You`re dumb enough to not realized everyone thinks the same way. So when you do need your cash to buy something, be prepared to join the one hour queue at the atm.

Which of course in my case, I got too lazy and choose not to buy anything instead. Though, what really demotivates me from buying is the sales person. In fact, I would probably buy a laptop if there are less of them. What annoyed me? They are all idiots for starters. Most of them no zilch about their very own product. Espeacially the sale girls. with their stupidility increase with their beauty. (I`m not being sexist, the person who hires them are. )

It might work for some ppl. I can be tempted to call back the pretty sales girl who left me with her number in the brochure. (hey, maybe she left her number on purpose, who knows :). Though I`m more paranoid with her giving me an actual notebook instad of a computer notebook.

The 2nd thing that pissed me off is that the bunch of people lie, without thinking. I can forgive them if they actually lie properly. In just one row of booth I heard one promoting a random pen drive brand, " the only pendrive that gives life time warrenty" when the next store is Pen drive that have lifetime warrenty label in every packaging. (and Kingston`s next, also with life time warrenty).

Some will blatantly lie that the other stores doesn`t give you the same specification when the brochure both used are exactly the same. The list goes on. Then again I forgot, people who go to pc fair are dumb ppl who ought to be cheated since it`s quite widely known that the prices there are not really that cheap after all. (*with the exception of super promotion which are probably 'sold out' when you actually found the right store after few hours of searching)

Having said that, I still DON'T have my laptop and I desperately need one. now. :(


HeartzOfGold 12:27 PM  

agreed. stupidity inversely proportional to the beauty.

couldn't have said it better.

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