My new baby.

Simple, petite, yet elegant.

Funny enough, the laptop I bought in the end are is one that had not crossed my mind at all. Yet, it`s the perfect match for what I`m looking for. Decent specs. Decent price.

Its core2duo processors comes with 120gb hard disk and 1g ram. Since I have an additional 60gb hard disk and 1gb ram from my previous laptop, it can supplement my new one. What convince me to get this one though, is due to its portability. 13.3 inch with a weight of 1.94kg. It can actually fit into my note's file. Cool, no? And all this comes with an affordable price tag of RM1999.

The BenQ Joybook S32 is quite good looking as well. It is available in a few colours

All white (above), blue cover (below).
But knowing myself, I won`t be able to maintain those colours so I choose the safest option. Black :)
Which is not bad at all. This laptop also has those additional features which my old laptop doesn`t. i,e. Web cam, bluetooth, card reader, dvd writer, etc etc.

I also like the after sales service of this notebook. The manufacture (BenQ) provides international on-site service for year. This means they will send a technician to your home and fix it on the spot if your laptop malfunctions rather than you having to bring it to the service centre yourself. The sales agent (PC world shop) provides 7 years of software and service warrenty. Mean you can reformat for free whenever you computer crashed or infected with virus.

All those considered, I guess 2k is a bargain for what I get. I extended the warenty for RM 100 just in case the laptop get fried again. Now, I have no excuse not to do my assignments anymore.

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