Go for Gold

The whole Malaysia is backing you up. Whether you win or lose, you`ve made us proud :)

*picture from The Star

This funny looking image of Lee Chong Wei will stick in our mind till the next match tomorrow. Let`s hope he`ll have another victory leap then :)

On the side note. It is a brilliant move to motivate sportsman with such huge amount of money. RM 1 million is not a small sum by the majority`s standard. It`s sets up a precedence that becoming a sportsman doesn`t mean you can only afford two meals a day. (albeit a decent one). Many have long argued that the reason why Malaysian sports are still left in the dark is simply because there is not enough economic incentive for people to consider it a potential career.

Though, is it a good move if we can continue to sustain such incentive. The govt promised RM 1m to the first gold medalist. What`s there for the 2nd? This move might back fire if we leave things just at this level. And given the political turmoil that`s happening now, sports will definitely be secondary once Olympic is over. Let`s all hope we don`t have to wait for another decade to bask in glory again.

Malaysia Boleh!


lateralus 11:11 PM  

At least Malaysia has athletes that stand a chance in the Olympics. LOL.

RP medal tally
beijing 0-0-0
athens 0-0-0
sydney 0-0-0
atlanta 0-1-0

ALL TIME 0-2-7


Alex 1:40 AM  

0-2-7 is fine. I think Malaysian stand at 0-2-2. We lost at the final. Such a shame :) but oh well.. Silver is quite a big thing already I guess.

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