Go ahead, sue me.

This is in reference to an article by the star


One thing I like about politicians from Pakatan, is that they never yield to pressure just to please people. A popular saying that there will always be protest to whatever changes you proposed. It`s up to you to defend and justify it, and to push it to the end.

What Khalid said was a suggestion to allocate 10% of UiTM to the non-bumis. He cited a few reasons such as increase competativeness, create a multi racial environment, etc etc. I won`t contest how true those things are. Personally, I wouldn`t want to go to UiTM even if I had a choice because I don`t think 10% is a fair racial balance to begin with and studying in an environment dominated by a single cultured. But still, they are people who think otherwise, and good for them.

What I want to highlight is, all he did was a mere suggestion. Yet, He was responded with protest from the UiTM students (again using the generic defense of Malay special rights) and right now, they want take this to court. Seditious statement perhaps :). It`s funny that when one argued during debates that 'these' people are generally immature when it comes to their special prvilege, we usually shunt it by giving it the benefit of the doubt. We should threat everyone as an averagely rational and reasonable person. Right.....

No wants want to call them childish and silly. But their reactions to this case is self incriminating.
But it`s no biggie. Fact is, no one raised an eyebrow when they protested. *which could means that everyone had a really accepted that these students are immature to begin with. What`s surprising is that the Vice Chancellor are heading the law suit. *even after the MB went to his office and explained things.

The very same attitude is reflected fr0m the top of their admistration. And mind you, this is by far, the largest university we have in Malaysia (with a campus in every single state, and she alone produce more than 15% of Malaysian graduates). So much for hoping that the next generation will be one that's indiscriminate to race and religion.

Today, we can still be prosecuted for simply raising an issue. Today there`s still a policy that actively ban people from discussion. It`s completely ignorant for one to claim, that racial tension is not there at all.

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