Chinese Opera

I knew the clubs in my university hosted many events. From pc fairs, to Christmas plays, Chinese orchestras, longest badminton game and some stupid records biggest logo made by keys. What I didn`t expect is to imagine students performing Chinese Operas.

Like many other traditional plays, Chinese Opera is at the brink of extinction. I myself never thought I`ll have the opportunity to listen to those ridiculously high pitched cheesy melody arrangement.
It got to cost them a bomb. Both financially and time. I heard this is done in collaboration with some cultural association. The costumes are fantastic. Look at the pretty mc. :)

And that's the president, giving his opening speech in full attire. Lol.

Scene from Red Masion Dream

Scene from Kingdom of (something.. can`t really remember :P. But I enjoyed this play the most)

The Butterfly lovers. The best costumes I`ve seen in plays.

Scene from the Chinese traditional wedding dance.

Overall, I give a thumbs up even though everything ended within 40 minutes. Despite one horrible moment when two guys sang out of tune for 3 minutes, everything else were quite enjoyable. It`s such a pity only 15 people were present. For us who were watching though, we felt like somewhat important, to have the whole crew performing for the few of us.

The funny part about the show was that I can never really guess whether the actors are guy or a girl behind the thick makeup and costumes. It was only after 20 minutes of random guession before I remember a realiable method of identifying genders. One that I learn from Haque back in Bangkok (don`t as why). Look for the adam's apple. :) :) :)

and how those ppl in the drama still get fooled by girls pretending to be guys..... I can never understand.

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