21st Birthday Bash

I thought I over invited people. But turns out the number to be just nice. The night ended early (about 12am) so that we can move the party to Euphoria at Sunway. Turns out to be a lousy choice cuz the place was so jammed pack, that none of us get to go in despite a reservation on the guest list. It`s a good thing that not many of them deceide to go else it would be a fruitless journey. Overall, the party seemed a lot like a high school friends reunion gathering.

the crowd

the lovely ladies

my loving family. *they prepared everything for this party

Addie, Soo Ann and Grace.

sec school Setia class reunion. :)

excell/miss lee tution class reunion. lol.

Aqtar, one of my long lost friend. Sorry for refering as piece of shit. You know I mean it :P lol
*still, I`ll vote for him if he`s still planing to contest for PM.

To the few that I couldn`t manage to entertain, I`m so sorry and will make it up to you guys over supper in the weeks to come. Thanks a lot for coming and giving face. I hope you guys had fun. I certainly did.

A week too early

This is not a announcement to the world. Seriously, I had stop caring about ppl knowing my birthday. I mere wish of happy birthday means just as much a a hello. In fact, I would rather appreciate ppl who say hello on a normal day and not because it`s my birthday.

On the other hand, my mom wants me to celebrate my birthday this year. Typical Chinese family regards 21 years old as a cause of celebration. And she wants it to be on this weekend. I don`t feel like having a party to begin with, what more, having it a week earlier than the actual date. I think it`s terrible weird to have ppl singing Happy Birthday to you when you`re not actually of that age yet.

I can`t find any logical reasoning behind my apprehension about this. It`s just plain intuition. That something is not right. Someone care to explain?

*and I receive two early birthday greetings/presents already. One from Genting and one from Jusco. To have people giving you presents when it`s not the time yet, what`s there to look for when you birthday finally arrive?

Theory of Machine


3 questions. 2 hours. Answered = 1 and a half,

Answered correctly = None.

Damm. I hate papers like this.

Farewell Beijing Olympics

After 16 days, the world's most celebrated game come to and end. Many will remember this Olympics , for it`s exorbitant cost,, for it`s controversial policy of force relocation, for it`s suppression of the Tibet protester, for it`s scandals and such

But despite all the negative publicity, should we forget what Olympics is all about? I`m glad this song reminds us again.

It`s a shame that not many credit China, for making this Olympics a huge success despite all odds against them. Well scheduled, awesome opening and closing, logistical perfection and all this while putting equal effort to secure the highest gold medal counts. The Chinese government and the people of China deserve the world`s respect.

A whale of a time

I haven`t had the chance to use this phase for quite sometime. Thee weekend has been a great getaway. Will blog again once I clear my exams and assignment this weekend (yes I intend to go to exam and finish my assignment this time).

Anyway, congrats to Dale and BC for getting 3rd placing for two out of three leagues. :) I can`t wait for the next tourney.

A new layout!

How is this any different from the changes I had in the past? I`m now using the new blogger template. Which means, it utilized the XML codes, something that I'm not familiar with. I don`t particularly like this skin though, but I guess I`ll stick with it for the moment until I`m hardworking enough to find a new one.

Ahh.. if only I can change my life as easily as well :)

I`m now, for some reason unknown even to myself, is at Time Square. Alone. It seems that my boredom had result in me doing random things, like driving to nowhere and appear home, at Kajang (last week).

Moral of the story, when you`re bored, don`t carry any money, and don`t own a car. You`ll end up using them unnecessarily. And Starbuck`s cinemon roll really sucks, (along with their internet connection).

Yiruma - River Flows in You

Emo ppl should`nt listen to this song. I nearly shed tears, on my own playing of this song. What an impact. :)

*on another interpretation, It could be due to my horrible performance. So, I spare you the pain and here`s the best rendition of this piece on youtube.

Dedicating this song to: ______ :)

I see.....

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Not too bad actually. I was expecting 100% for everything. (See, this is optimism to the point of insanity :) ) Off to play Chopin Waltz for the 16th time.. weeeee

Go ahead, sue me.

This is in reference to an article by the star


One thing I like about politicians from Pakatan, is that they never yield to pressure just to please people. A popular saying that there will always be protest to whatever changes you proposed. It`s up to you to defend and justify it, and to push it to the end.

What Khalid said was a suggestion to allocate 10% of UiTM to the non-bumis. He cited a few reasons such as increase competativeness, create a multi racial environment, etc etc. I won`t contest how true those things are. Personally, I wouldn`t want to go to UiTM even if I had a choice because I don`t think 10% is a fair racial balance to begin with and studying in an environment dominated by a single cultured. But still, they are people who think otherwise, and good for them.

What I want to highlight is, all he did was a mere suggestion. Yet, He was responded with protest from the UiTM students (again using the generic defense of Malay special rights) and right now, they want take this to court. Seditious statement perhaps :). It`s funny that when one argued during debates that 'these' people are generally immature when it comes to their special prvilege, we usually shunt it by giving it the benefit of the doubt. We should threat everyone as an averagely rational and reasonable person. Right.....

No wants want to call them childish and silly. But their reactions to this case is self incriminating.
But it`s no biggie. Fact is, no one raised an eyebrow when they protested. *which could means that everyone had a really accepted that these students are immature to begin with. What`s surprising is that the Vice Chancellor are heading the law suit. *even after the MB went to his office and explained things.

The very same attitude is reflected fr0m the top of their admistration. And mind you, this is by far, the largest university we have in Malaysia (with a campus in every single state, and she alone produce more than 15% of Malaysian graduates). So much for hoping that the next generation will be one that's indiscriminate to race and religion.

Today, we can still be prosecuted for simply raising an issue. Today there`s still a policy that actively ban people from discussion. It`s completely ignorant for one to claim, that racial tension is not there at all.

Go for Gold

The whole Malaysia is backing you up. Whether you win or lose, you`ve made us proud :)

*picture from The Star

This funny looking image of Lee Chong Wei will stick in our mind till the next match tomorrow. Let`s hope he`ll have another victory leap then :)

On the side note. It is a brilliant move to motivate sportsman with such huge amount of money. RM 1 million is not a small sum by the majority`s standard. It`s sets up a precedence that becoming a sportsman doesn`t mean you can only afford two meals a day. (albeit a decent one). Many have long argued that the reason why Malaysian sports are still left in the dark is simply because there is not enough economic incentive for people to consider it a potential career.

Though, is it a good move if we can continue to sustain such incentive. The govt promised RM 1m to the first gold medalist. What`s there for the 2nd? This move might back fire if we leave things just at this level. And given the political turmoil that`s happening now, sports will definitely be secondary once Olympic is over. Let`s all hope we don`t have to wait for another decade to bask in glory again.

Malaysia Boleh!

Inspire me.

You either choose one of this. Be completely ignorant about things that happen in this world. Or be so used to them that it doesn`t bother you anymore.

I was once the former and now turning into the later. Neither of it is a good thing. I used to get really depressed when I know someone somewhere is not getting food on their table, or not getting shelter, or not getting medicines when they need them. I remembered I my Christmas mood was completely drained when the tsunami took thousands of life and left millions homeless.

Right now, even with the war in Georgia, I'm not shaken at the slightest bit. All the death and suffering is reduced into number and political analysis . Somehow, the fact that people are dying matter so little now, I can eat my meals while reading the news. I wondered if all the politicians would had their emotions equally saturated as well.

Either this is the sign of growing up, or I have lost trust in humanity.

Unnecessary cost

I was just calculating how much I spent of repairing/replacing the things that had spoil since the year started. The sum was quite ridiculous.

January 1) A wrecked Proton Persona, replaced with a new Proton Persona - RM 140000 (after deducting insurance payment)

2) Jammed camera lens. RM 300

February 3) Faulty laptop charger - RM 70
4) Bended bed frame - Rm 30
5) Puncture tired - RM 10

March - 6) Replace worn out leather cover for my motor - RM 20

April - 7) Piano`s rusty string and damaged hammers - RM 600

May - 8) Missing jacket - Rm 60

June - 9) Faulty transfer cable : replaced with a card reader : Rm 30

July - 10) Faulty laptop - replaced with a new one - 2.1k
11) Short circuited water heater - ???? (yet to be repaired)

August - 12) Motor engine`s piston damaged - Rm 200.

Even if I don`t account for the car, the others cost me enough for me to actually go for a holiday to Aussie or Japan. Can things stop going missing and faulty for a change??

Chinese Opera

I knew the clubs in my university hosted many events. From pc fairs, to Christmas plays, Chinese orchestras, longest badminton game and some stupid records biggest logo made by keys. What I didn`t expect is to imagine students performing Chinese Operas.

Like many other traditional plays, Chinese Opera is at the brink of extinction. I myself never thought I`ll have the opportunity to listen to those ridiculously high pitched cheesy melody arrangement.
It got to cost them a bomb. Both financially and time. I heard this is done in collaboration with some cultural association. The costumes are fantastic. Look at the pretty mc. :)

And that's the president, giving his opening speech in full attire. Lol.

Scene from Red Masion Dream

Scene from Kingdom of (something.. can`t really remember :P. But I enjoyed this play the most)

The Butterfly lovers. The best costumes I`ve seen in plays.

Scene from the Chinese traditional wedding dance.

Overall, I give a thumbs up even though everything ended within 40 minutes. Despite one horrible moment when two guys sang out of tune for 3 minutes, everything else were quite enjoyable. It`s such a pity only 15 people were present. For us who were watching though, we felt like somewhat important, to have the whole crew performing for the few of us.

The funny part about the show was that I can never really guess whether the actors are guy or a girl behind the thick makeup and costumes. It was only after 20 minutes of random guession before I remember a realiable method of identifying genders. One that I learn from Haque back in Bangkok (don`t as why). Look for the adam's apple. :) :) :)

and how those ppl in the drama still get fooled by girls pretending to be guys..... I can never understand.

My new baby.

Simple, petite, yet elegant.

Funny enough, the laptop I bought in the end are is one that had not crossed my mind at all. Yet, it`s the perfect match for what I`m looking for. Decent specs. Decent price.

Its core2duo processors comes with 120gb hard disk and 1g ram. Since I have an additional 60gb hard disk and 1gb ram from my previous laptop, it can supplement my new one. What convince me to get this one though, is due to its portability. 13.3 inch with a weight of 1.94kg. It can actually fit into my note's file. Cool, no? And all this comes with an affordable price tag of RM1999.

The BenQ Joybook S32 is quite good looking as well. It is available in a few colours

All white (above), blue cover (below).
But knowing myself, I won`t be able to maintain those colours so I choose the safest option. Black :)
Which is not bad at all. This laptop also has those additional features which my old laptop doesn`t. i,e. Web cam, bluetooth, card reader, dvd writer, etc etc.

I also like the after sales service of this notebook. The manufacture (BenQ) provides international on-site service for year. This means they will send a technician to your home and fix it on the spot if your laptop malfunctions rather than you having to bring it to the service centre yourself. The sales agent (PC world shop) provides 7 years of software and service warrenty. Mean you can reformat for free whenever you computer crashed or infected with virus.

All those considered, I guess 2k is a bargain for what I get. I extended the warenty for RM 100 just in case the laptop get fried again. Now, I have no excuse not to do my assignments anymore.

Maple Story.

How do you stop yourself from rotting and growing fungus. Ironicly, the approach I took was to kill them. Insisting on not studying, (despite having 2 papers next week), I resort to playing maple story. In short, it`s a game where you kill mushrooms, and then level up to kill bigger mushrooms.
Anti Mushroom game
It`s a cute 2d games and one of the very few mmorpg my cheapass computer can support.

I joined the private server. Thus I level up to 200 in a day. Which then I got bored and currently perfectly happy to quit the game. :)

Aiesec UKM - Reach Out

That was the title for their induction conference. I`ve decided to join Aiesec (an established student organization) to arrange a potential foreign internship at the end of the year. This camp is part of the process I need to go through before I`m selected for the interview.

To some extend, it has some similar element with the debate club I`m familiar with. Things involved with critical thinking, leadership, worldwide issues.... things that I indulged in. Though, I was slightly disappointed with the general maturity of the participants and the committees there. Having said that, the foreign interns who are in Malaysia are generally very brilliant ppl.

The fun part about this camp though is I met tonnes of ppl. It`s been quite sometime since I have the enthusiasm to meet people. Having that spirit rekindled is quite a good thing.

PC Fair Perils

Going there without cash in hand could mean two thing. A) You`re smart to foresee that your wallet might be stolen/lost. B) You`re dumb enough to not realized everyone thinks the same way. So when you do need your cash to buy something, be prepared to join the one hour queue at the atm.

Which of course in my case, I got too lazy and choose not to buy anything instead. Though, what really demotivates me from buying is the sales person. In fact, I would probably buy a laptop if there are less of them. What annoyed me? They are all idiots for starters. Most of them no zilch about their very own product. Espeacially the sale girls. with their stupidility increase with their beauty. (I`m not being sexist, the person who hires them are. )

It might work for some ppl. I can be tempted to call back the pretty sales girl who left me with her number in the brochure. (hey, maybe she left her number on purpose, who knows :). Though I`m more paranoid with her giving me an actual notebook instad of a computer notebook.

The 2nd thing that pissed me off is that the bunch of people lie, without thinking. I can forgive them if they actually lie properly. In just one row of booth I heard one promoting a random pen drive brand, " the only pendrive that gives life time warrenty" when the next store is Pen drive that have lifetime warrenty label in every packaging. (and Kingston`s next, also with life time warrenty).

Some will blatantly lie that the other stores doesn`t give you the same specification when the brochure both used are exactly the same. The list goes on. Then again I forgot, people who go to pc fair are dumb ppl who ought to be cheated since it`s quite widely known that the prices there are not really that cheap after all. (*with the exception of super promotion which are probably 'sold out' when you actually found the right store after few hours of searching)

Having said that, I still DON'T have my laptop and I desperately need one. now. :(

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.