21st Birthday Bash

I thought I over invited people. But turns out the number to be just nice. The night ended early (about 12am) so that we can move the party to Euphoria at Sunway. Turns out to be a lousy choice cuz the place was so jammed pack, that none of us get to go in despite a reservation on the guest list. It`s a good thing that not many of them deceide to go else it would be a fruitless journey. Overall, the party seemed a lot like a high school friends reunion gathering.

the crowd

the lovely ladies

my loving family. *they prepared everything for this party

Addie, Soo Ann and Grace.

sec school Setia class reunion. :)

excell/miss lee tution class reunion. lol.

Aqtar, one of my long lost friend. Sorry for refering as piece of shit. You know I mean it :P lol
*still, I`ll vote for him if he`s still planing to contest for PM.

To the few that I couldn`t manage to entertain, I`m so sorry and will make it up to you guys over supper in the weeks to come. Thanks a lot for coming and giving face. I hope you guys had fun. I certainly did.

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