Series of unfortunate events

God knows how many time I used this phrase. And it`s been happenning to me again and again. I thought all staircase ends at one point and if you fall, you don`t fall forever.

What`s the problem this time? My laptop crashed. Technician said my motherboard could have been the problem, and a laptop's motherboard is so expensive, you might as well get a new one. My laptop had not even reach 2 years.

Really, just kill me. I`m close to acting irrational like going to court and sue God (though I can`t find a case) or selling my entire life. ( which in this case, I don`t actually own anything. My laptop was my only asset).

3 assignments, 4 midterm. No pc. I might as well be dead anyway.


Ohkulala 10:55 PM  

these things do happen all at the same time and frustrations set in. but take a deep breath, clear your head and you'll definitely find your way out. have faith. i've been there, done that so i know exactly how you feel. but trust me, things get bad before they get better. take care

keen 10:29 PM  

:) thanks. I sure hope things gets better.

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