Frankly speaking, with the limited cash I have right now, there is not much of an option. The idea is simple. Buy the cheapest laptop that doesn`t make you use curse words 1000x times during usage.

There're two models that fits this criteria. The MSI 13.3 inch notebook and Acer 4315. Both model price about RM 1600-1700. Somewhat afforadeble though it comes with significant draw backs.
The most apparent defect for the MSI is that it`s fugly. ( fugly= fucking ugly). Thick, bulky, and too old school. Though it` comes with a core2 processor, it`s hard to predicts it realibility, given that it`s from a brand that's not very establish. Though, my previous laptop isn`t very realiable either.

Acer look really nice, if you evaluate it from the pictures. To be fair, the actual model is not half as bad, discount the fact that it`s really plastic like. It runs on Celeron, which means it can`t support most of the games and engineering software. It could be quite troublesome but it doesn`t seem like I have much of an option.

Unless!!!! someone decide to give me a birthday treat one month in advance so I can get the Hp Pavilion tx1000 tablet.

Just look at it.
Revolving screens, and it can be turned into a tablet pc (which I really don`t know what I can do with it.)
But most importantly, it`s small, 12.1 inch, means it`s really portable.

Even though the price droped close to half of it`s initial value (it`s now priced at RM 2800), it`s still beyong my reach. Paying this price for a AMD Turion doesn`t make much sense either. But who cares. It`s uber cool. I want I want I want.....

*right now, all I want is just a pc at home. Using the library`s pc sucks big time.


Ohkulala 6:58 PM  

MAFA fund??

Alex 7:12 PM  

haha.. i would avoid that if at all possible. :) I spent it on my previous laptop.

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