My Ikea experience

Things I learned today. Don`t walk to Ikea if:

1) You`re sleepy. I nearly fell asleep on one of the beds.
2) You have nothing to buy. You`ll definitely end up buying something.
3) If you don`t have a car. Carrying those stuff you bought by public transport is a nightmare.

It`s my first time shopping at Ikea today. I fell in love with the concept. Designed display of arranged furniture. No wonder it`s doing so well. I ended up playing for some stuff. Quite pricey.... but I guess I have valid reason to pamper myself once a while.

So, I bought 2 stuff. A quilt, quilt cover and two pillow case.

and a standing lamp. I have no idea how I`m going to fit this in my already cramped room.

I`m addicted to Ikea now. Felt like buying all completely new set of furniture from them. Someone hide my wallet!


Ohkulala 5:00 PM  

well, ikea has a way of making you feel that way. :)

Alex 1:01 AM  

yea... but my room look really nice now :)

joann lee 10:04 PM  

hey hey..sook chin was here :p

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