my 600th post

My blog had progressively became as lame as I am. I`m thinking of shutting it down since I`ve probably wrote more than I need to in my entire life. Engineers only need numbers right :)

600 post. 4 years of crapping. I thought I saw a positive change in things about and around me. I thought wrong. It`s a mere illusion. Years of illusion in fact. Blinded by temporary mirage of happiness. I saw I wanted to see. And when the wants, dreams and ambition are all gone, I saw reality. And it`s plain as it can be. Alex, stop being metaphorical. you bored ppl out and know one knew what you`re talking about anyway.

Why did I write what I wrote? Perhaps I`m lost. Perhaps I want to seek some form of reassurance. Perhaps I want someone to point me things to look forward in life. Or perhaps, I`m returning to be the old pessimistic and miserable person I used to be.


lateralus 11:56 PM  

Just checked my own stats... 680 posts in about 2 1/2 years. 600 is a good number already! It can only get better. I guess blogging isn't as big in Malaysia (?)

Alex 8:38 PM  

lol. It`s not like all 600 counts. I doubt even 10% that are worthy to be read by others.

HeartzOfGold 9:22 PM  

lol. this is ironic. i just wrote something about my 100th post..

now i'm kinda worried. by e time i reach e 600th post, wud i be as pessimistic about blogging as you are..

*contemplating about whether or not i shud continue blogging

Alex 10:01 PM  

lol. perhaps. But you write decent articles. You shouldn`t be worrying at all.

Alex 10:01 PM  

lol. perhaps. But you write decent articles. You shouldn`t be worrying at all.

benj 1:17 PM  

In the Philippines, blogging could be a ticket to be in talk shows, newspapers and other forms of media. The business sector is also starting to tap bloggers for viral marketing. We have blog events almost every week. This in turn gives bloggers the chance to get plenty of freebies, movie passes, etc.

Is the same trend happening in Malaysia?

Alex 10:44 PM  

every other week? wow.

I guess you can`t have that blogging fever when you government `s not very encouraging about it.

We have quite a number of blog events though. :)

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