Ateneo Australs 2008

One word to describe this tournament. Memorable. 9 days in Philippine, 26 lecture hours sacrificed, Ateneo Australs is one tournament I'll not forget.

Performances wise, we did relatively well. If that team mate of mine did not force us to withdraw from the ESL (English as Second Language) category, we would have a good chance of winning it. We broke 2nd highest in that category and I would have been the 2nd best ESL speaker. Regardless of how 'insignificant' it seem to others, that`s one wasted trophy.

Though, I guess I should stop whining and try harder the next time to do even better than this tournament. Here`s some pictures to close this entry. (all the pictures here are taking from Praq's from Assumptions University. My pictures are still stuck in my phone.)

The Ateneo campus

Free day at Mall of Asia

The beach and the sunset

The city

The Grand Finals

The Championship Dinner

The after party without happy drinks.

Here`s to the a tournament with great adj, great debaters, great socials and great people. Cheers.

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