My first tag.

From Sully`s request.....

1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tags back!

Gosh!! 15? This will take me the whole day to think about it. :) :)

No. 1 - I used to hate vege so much when I was young, that my sister called me carnivorous. On the flip side, I won`t mind going vegetarian for every lunch now :)

No. 2 - I`m extremely bad at safeguarding my belongings. Not a single electrical item/toy/accessories that I use that`s not damaged, spoiled, or missing.

No. 3 - The chip at the bottom right of my front tooth is caused by a yo-yo I was playing when I was about 13. (I was a pro-yo fan back then and made it to the national semifinals in the tournament). Ever since, my tooth hurts a little when I eat something too sweet, hot, or cold.

No. 4 - My first ambition as a kid was to be an architect. I dropped it after I start failing every year in arts.

No. 5 - I love soft toys more than the average girl. :) :) :)

No. 6 - and more than 5 person had ask me whether I`m gay. :( :( :( :( :(

No. 7 - I hate and suck at language mastery. Ironically, the two club I`m was most active in is language related. Student Publication Board and Voices. (debate club).

No. 8 - Despite me playing musical instruments since I`m a child, I`m actually rhythmically impaired.

No. 9 - I like collecting stuff. I`ve a collection of stamps, coins, keychains, yo-yo, and a few type of trading cards. (pokemon, yugioh and magic the gathering). And of course, being me, I lost quite a number of them.

No. 10 - I used to have a passion for inventing stuff. From a age of 8-14, I have thought of remote fans and light, magnetic levitation trains, solar heaters, water purifier, and electronic locks. I was demotivated when I found out all those things had already been invented like decades ago and never bothered every since.

No. 11. - I never bothered to copy any notes in lectures/tutorials. Primarily because my writing is so bad, even I can`t read it.

No. 12 - I can`t remember faces and name. Just change your cloths I won`t be able to recognize you. (it`ll take me a very long time to consistently recognize someone. Usually through specific features like complexion, hair, mole, accessory, etc etc). I will not be able to differentiate identical twins.

No. 13 - I can`t sleep without a blanket. (unless fainted from exhaustion or intoxication). I`ll use one regardless how hot the wheater is.

No. 14 - I`m afraid of worms. The way they move is so creepy it sends shivers down my spine.

No. 15 - I have an exam in a while and I`m spent an hour typing this. Weeee.

I tag:
Jing En
Soo Ann
Sook Chin
Ju Li
Ce Yi
Lol. No obligations. :) :) :) :)

my 600th post

My blog had progressively became as lame as I am. I`m thinking of shutting it down since I`ve probably wrote more than I need to in my entire life. Engineers only need numbers right :)

600 post. 4 years of crapping. I thought I saw a positive change in things about and around me. I thought wrong. It`s a mere illusion. Years of illusion in fact. Blinded by temporary mirage of happiness. I saw I wanted to see. And when the wants, dreams and ambition are all gone, I saw reality. And it`s plain as it can be. Alex, stop being metaphorical. you bored ppl out and know one knew what you`re talking about anyway.

Why did I write what I wrote? Perhaps I`m lost. Perhaps I want to seek some form of reassurance. Perhaps I want someone to point me things to look forward in life. Or perhaps, I`m returning to be the old pessimistic and miserable person I used to be.


Frankly speaking, with the limited cash I have right now, there is not much of an option. The idea is simple. Buy the cheapest laptop that doesn`t make you use curse words 1000x times during usage.

There're two models that fits this criteria. The MSI 13.3 inch notebook and Acer 4315. Both model price about RM 1600-1700. Somewhat afforadeble though it comes with significant draw backs.
The most apparent defect for the MSI is that it`s fugly. ( fugly= fucking ugly). Thick, bulky, and too old school. Though it` comes with a core2 processor, it`s hard to predicts it realibility, given that it`s from a brand that's not very establish. Though, my previous laptop isn`t very realiable either.

Acer look really nice, if you evaluate it from the pictures. To be fair, the actual model is not half as bad, discount the fact that it`s really plastic like. It runs on Celeron, which means it can`t support most of the games and engineering software. It could be quite troublesome but it doesn`t seem like I have much of an option.

Unless!!!! someone decide to give me a birthday treat one month in advance so I can get the Hp Pavilion tx1000 tablet.

Just look at it.
Revolving screens, and it can be turned into a tablet pc (which I really don`t know what I can do with it.)
But most importantly, it`s small, 12.1 inch, means it`s really portable.

Even though the price droped close to half of it`s initial value (it`s now priced at RM 2800), it`s still beyong my reach. Paying this price for a AMD Turion doesn`t make much sense either. But who cares. It`s uber cool. I want I want I want.....

*right now, all I want is just a pc at home. Using the library`s pc sucks big time.

Series of unfortunate events

God knows how many time I used this phrase. And it`s been happenning to me again and again. I thought all staircase ends at one point and if you fall, you don`t fall forever.

What`s the problem this time? My laptop crashed. Technician said my motherboard could have been the problem, and a laptop's motherboard is so expensive, you might as well get a new one. My laptop had not even reach 2 years.

Really, just kill me. I`m close to acting irrational like going to court and sue God (though I can`t find a case) or selling my entire life. ( which in this case, I don`t actually own anything. My laptop was my only asset).

3 assignments, 4 midterm. No pc. I might as well be dead anyway.


This is the picture I had in mind.

What`s yours?

Life is full of contradictions

One of the mos painful experience in life is refusing to talk to the that one person that you want to be with.. Doesn`t sound right. Doesn`t make any sense either. Why would anyone wants to do that.

Life is mysterious, weird, and cruel at the same time.

My Ikea experience

Things I learned today. Don`t walk to Ikea if:

1) You`re sleepy. I nearly fell asleep on one of the beds.
2) You have nothing to buy. You`ll definitely end up buying something.
3) If you don`t have a car. Carrying those stuff you bought by public transport is a nightmare.

It`s my first time shopping at Ikea today. I fell in love with the concept. Designed display of arranged furniture. No wonder it`s doing so well. I ended up playing for some stuff. Quite pricey.... but I guess I have valid reason to pamper myself once a while.

So, I bought 2 stuff. A quilt, quilt cover and two pillow case.

and a standing lamp. I have no idea how I`m going to fit this in my already cramped room.

I`m addicted to Ikea now. Felt like buying all completely new set of furniture from them. Someone hide my wallet!

My new assignment

Chopin Waltz in E Minor

What is my teacher thinking!!!!! and I just started class for like 3 weeks? *faints.

Random feeling

I feel like copying all Jing En's emo posts and paste them here.

I feel like my brains have lost partial control of my body.

I feel like there`s nothing to look forwards to.

I feel like there`s not enough time, but at the same time.. too much of it.

I feel like drinking chicken soup.

I feel like disappearing into the thin air.

I feel like there`s very little point doing what I`m doing right now.

I feel writing what I`m feeling is kinda stupid.

What should I be feeling right now?

Drowning myself with activities

In light of what happened recently, I`ve been trying to get my hands on any event that I can join. Coincidentally, my university was hosting 3 major even last week.

The first one, which was the main reason why I flew back right after the tournament, is the Robotics Challenge Week. It was rather disappointing though since most of the robot didn`t not have the capacity to totally demolish the other robot. Nevertheless, it`s a good start for Malaysia and I`m sure it will be better the next time. (If there is a next time)

*no.. that is NOT a robot for the tournament.

Meanwhile, since I got a little bored with the tourney, I went and have a look at another event. The MMU Olympics. Lame name I know. Lamer, is that not many ppl actually cared about it. Still, the games went on and there were significant response from all sides.

As for me, I headed to the Chess game, since it was a little nostalgic going back to a club that a few of us co-founded 3 years back. It was quite a pleasant feeling, to have juniors coming up to me and asked where had I been all this while. Unable to answer, I usually just turn to them and smile.

The look at his face when he found out that his first opponent is me. Priceless.

There`s something really big going on as well. The chinese fraction of the debate society hosted the "World" Mandarin Debate tournament. (note the double quoatation marks, as there are currently many university are hosting different "world mandarin debate tournament as well). Regardless, these people manage to get a fair representation from different nations. Namely, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and even Russia and England.

I would say, despite me not being able to understand 90% of what's said, it was fairly well organized. Good debaters, good environment, loads of pretty girls. :) :) :) :) Now, give me something to look forward to tomorrow.

Ateneo Australs 2008

One word to describe this tournament. Memorable. 9 days in Philippine, 26 lecture hours sacrificed, Ateneo Australs is one tournament I'll not forget.

Performances wise, we did relatively well. If that team mate of mine did not force us to withdraw from the ESL (English as Second Language) category, we would have a good chance of winning it. We broke 2nd highest in that category and I would have been the 2nd best ESL speaker. Regardless of how 'insignificant' it seem to others, that`s one wasted trophy.

Though, I guess I should stop whining and try harder the next time to do even better than this tournament. Here`s some pictures to close this entry. (all the pictures here are taking from Praq's from Assumptions University. My pictures are still stuck in my phone.)

The Ateneo campus

Free day at Mall of Asia

The beach and the sunset

The city

The Grand Finals

The Championship Dinner

The after party without happy drinks.

Here`s to the a tournament with great adj, great debaters, great socials and great people. Cheers.

I have nothing to say to you anymore.



40 hours more to go.

Plane tickets -> checked
Passport -> checked
Currency -> X
Cloths -> X
Case Files - > X
Medicine (I`m sick :( ) -> X
Complete my assigned piano piece -> X
Exemption letters -> X

only 40 hours left. Kill me.

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Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.