Save the environment. Save the fuel

It never hit me before, that the only way to reduce consumption is to make oil unaffordable. Ok, I`ve thought of it, but the idea is so cruel that I dismissed it immediately.

That just probably shows how short termed and selfish the human minds works. We don`t really care if the world is not fit for living for the new generation, so as long we can live for ours. Environmentalist had been begging for people to reduce energy consumption since forever, yet the only time people actually think about reducing consumption is when the the tariffs are increased.

I`m slowly appreciating the outcome of the new oil hike. Sure, things are going to be bad for the average joe. More so, the poorer ones. There're lots to gain in the long term. For the adverse effects on the short term however, we can only trust the government (however hard it may be) that they stay true to their words. E.g. increasing the fleet card for the transportation/fishing industry and other policies for the needy. I actually think this time around, with all the tax reviews and rebates, they are finally making sincere effort to compensate the citizens in exchange for the reduction in oil subsidies.

Look on the bright side and see some good changes taking effect starting from today. On a practical example, I was driving to KL today and the everyone seems to stop accelerating after they reach 90 kph. (which is suppose to be the most fuel economic speed). Though, it is quite freaky cuz it`s the first time I drove on a highway with mostly the same cars around me the entire journey since no is overtaking or lagging behind. *save perhaps for traffic jams.

This is one effect that reduces consumption, and because Malaysians are as equally kiasu as their neighbor, (referring to the Wednesday night's jam), we might actually spend less on fuel since everyone will not drive as often anymore. (which is proven this evening with smooth traffic on a Sunday) Which is a good thing. Town will be less congested from now on, and less crazy drivers going at insane speed.(shit, that`s self incriminating). We might even have less accidents.

And as an added benefit, we might save the environment, which no one seemed to remember.

Alex's whiny take on the oil price hike.

1) I still don't understand why the higher crude oil prices affects Malaysia as we are still a net oil exporter, which by default means we`re earning more.

2) All the shares of the energy company went up the very minute after the announcement of the new oil price. Which again means, that this company are already doing well enough in status quo. Conspiracy theory says that the politician have their own vested interest in these companies, therefore having a higher oil price gives them more benefit. I`m lazy to elaborate on this one. Go look it up yourself. Politics and money, it`s really not a far fetched idea.

3) I still hate the Government for announcing the hike so drastically. More so after they 'promised' not to touch the oil prices till August. Liars.

4) What the hell is the Pakatan Rakyat doing? didn`t they promised at least to stop the reduction in oil subsidies. Given that no policy can pass without their consent now (since they deny the rulling party 2/3 majority).. why is this happening again? How can you expect people to trust you in the next election.

5) One word to sum everything up...... Damm

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