Random stuff

This entry could have been up a long time. But hey, random stuffs alway come at random timings right :) Here's the story. About a month ago, somewhere during my exam period, I went to the Pasar Malam (night market) to while away my boredom.

I came across this store which sells everything for RM 1. I`m a natural sucker for cheap goods. Thus I ended up with 5 stuff.....

A magnifying glass, a lighter, an electric test pen, a ink pen, and a blade. Perhaps you could understand the logic behind buying the pen and blade.. but the rest? Why and when the hell will I use them.

So here`s to the first usage of the magnifying glass. To take silly pictures :) like this.

For the test pen, I used it to proved that my printer's usb is faulty and can actually shock anyone who touch it. Look, the pen light up when I touch the metal section of the usb cabel. (I took me quite a while to figure out why I occasionally get electric shocks when I was using my laptop at home.)

For the lighter, I plan to use it since I have 8 packs of unopened ciggarattes....... that is what I would like to say. Adelene will kill me if I touch them.

Anyway, I bought the lighter so I can light up for ppl :). That`s a lie also. The REAL reason why I bought this lighter is....... it acts as a torch light at the other end.

and it's damm bright...... way brighter compared to normal torch light.

In the end, the two most 'practical' items, are the only items that I did not touch and use at all :) Ahhhh..... this is random indeed. What have I been doing during my exam week!!.. No wonder my result sulks.

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