The party animals.

Not having internet access at home is a bitch. I been trying to blog the 2nd update since Monday but somehow those limited time I had online was spent trying to identify who I took picture with. I vaguely remember meeting a lot of people. So many that I hardly remember any. I managed to visit quite a few, (I think about 15 or so) and being as blur as the octopus on my head, I lost track again who's who.

So, here are the pictures and let's see who I can still recognize.

from this picture I think I remember Caryn, the girl on my right.

that's Edmund, Ron, Andrew, Jing En and Min Li
(having name tags helps :P )

the nominees for best animal costume.
we have the ladybug ( Su Ann), the ostrict (Suet li), Lioness (??), the terrorist elephant (Rashad), the cow (Toklet), and the male rabbit (Frankie)

The cow and lioness won the title of King and Queen of the Jungle. I thought it was rather weird since a cow suppose to be a female right :P Then again, we shouldn`t expect a bigger surprise than a male rabbit.

We have more cows :) I think there`s 4 of them in total

That`s JB. He`s the first animal I notice when I walked into Modesto. Lol. You can`t miss a big yellow chicken.

Cynthia (2nd from left), playing the role of a hunter. Yet all the other animals are flocking to her.

This is perhaps my most embarrassing moment of the night. I was asked to picked 3 pieces of paper and it reads " you are a chicken..... who's dancing....because you saw a sexy girl "


I refuse to elaborate what happened later.

Back to the other pictures :)

Samatha, who likes octopus very much. Also on a plate.

a butterfly, I keep getting smacked by their wings. Considering the fact that there are quite a lot of them, it`s not possible to get to one place without bumping into one of them. Which is actually good thing right :)

Kul and Hui Wen. I expected Peacocks to come with their spread tails :)

Joshua caught me blogging during the party itself. *I really hope you don`t mind I stole this picture from your blog :P

Pandaa, Jing En and Cherie.

There should be some more pictures, but I`m not profiting the internet cafe by staying any longer. I`ll link up all of you guys one day. Till then.


*pandaaa 9:25 PM  

Dear Alex.
Pay attention la woiii. Panda has three As. =)
Hahahaha. You are so blurr it's funny.

And YEAH. I hate the internet sometimes. It's like Streamyx purposely does it to the ppl in the Klang Valley just to piss us off.

Alex 11:12 PM  

maaf!! lolll... I`ll remember the triple As. Is there any significants to that? why 3 :)

streamyx sucks in general. I hope wi-max will be up and ready soon

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