A new car!! again :)

It has actually been more than a week since the arrival of my new car. I was equally excited about it as the last time, though constant reminder by friends and family about the accident puts me off.

Anyway, here`s my new baby.

I wish...

Back to reality. I got back the same car, Proton Persona, this time, with ABS, two air bags and all sort of 'extra' safety measures on it. What`s the trade off? An additional 7k and an auto gearbox. (this the H line is only available in auto)

It `s a different color this time around. I would say it`s a acquired taste as not all will appreciate this particular shade. Furthermore, it gets dusty easily. Does't go too well with Alex's messy character.

Like it or not, this will be the car for my family for the next few years. With the increase oil price, I should really drop the driving for leisure notion. Transport is after all, is to get you from point A to B.

*damm you sis for that ugly 'P" sticker on the new car.

and a reminder for myself. Don`t crash this thing again.

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