My piano

Quite a thing to talk about. I don`t know whether I can rightfully claim it`s mine since I last told my grandmother to 'lend' it to me. I do know that I`m keeping it as long as I want. :) Which is a good enough. I finally got a piano tuner to come look at my piano. I was shock to find out that the current price of this piano is RM 28000!!!!!!!! I can buy a grand piano if I add a few more thousand.

It`s just sad that the damage brought down its value. The piano still looks good without the damaged exterior. (though it`s horribly dusty inside).

However, the interior is badly damaged as well. All the strings are rusty, which necessary means it could snap anytime. It`ll need a very costly service of polishing. Even then, the piano tuner say I can never restore the piano to the concert pitch anymore. (so I have to play at half a semitone lower :( :( :( :( . Of cuz, if I have the money to change all the strings, (cost a couple of thousands)

The bar chord strings had all rotten as well. *the bar chord string is in charge of bouncing back the keys. So he took off the hammers and brought it home to do some light servicing. This will take approximately a week :(

Open up the piano on the top and you can look at the keys directly.Even without the hammers, I think the piano can still be put into a good use. Don`t you think this looks like some classy bar table. :) :) :)

Vodka Lime anyone? On a very 'expensive' piano. My grandma will slaughter me for sure. Lol

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