The long long week

Little did I notice, I haven`t been writing down what happened in the past 2 weeks. I should constantly remind myself that this blog is my 'diary' after all. I went through so many things and it`s hard to believe that it had only been 2 weeks since my semester started. So here's to recap everything.

Robotics Week.
I was appointed to be Chief Judge for the a very cool type of robotics tournament called combat robot. Go look it up online and you can see some clips of robots destroying each other. It was deem violent and had never been done in Malaysia.

The tournament in UK had bulletproof glasses as their game field. We got :


Let`s hope that the first combat robot in Malaysia doesn`t end up with any casualties except for the robots. Though, don`t discount the fact that it`s also quite hard to set up a game field made of plywoods ok!. We worked our asses off for this.

I thought reducing from five clubs to two will make my life a lot simpler. Apparently not. Debating itself gave me more than enough headache than I can handle. From preparing case files, to team preparation and flight bookings...... I almost went crazy balancing the workloads and at the same time, force myself to attend classes at the oddest hours. (the morning classes)

Ok.. I know people been asking me what's with the flight bookings and all the matter loading. Here goes. I`m leaving for the Australs-Asians University Debating Championship this next Thursday at Philippines.

Piano Classes
I`ve finally had my first official piano classes. My grandma taught me the basics when I was very very young. (about 13 years ago) before she retires to be a full time mahjong player. I don`t remember playing much after that save for the same few songs. Namely, Fur elise, Ballard de Paul Adeline, Turkish March, Marriage De Amour and Canon in D.

I suppose my passion for piano came back after watching Nodame (also no thanks to all the amazing piano videos on youtube) and ever since, I wanted to take piano seriously. When my uncle from Australia ( a very talent pianist himself) said that he`s willing to sponsor my piano classes, I took the opportunity and signed up.

Being rhythm impaired, I had tough time playing pieces just by reading scores without actually listen to them first. When my teacher gave me a past year grade 8 piece to play (and I had to sight read them), I nearly fainted. Evil teacher.

Academic classes
I have made good progress (in skipping classes) for the past two weeks :) I have skipped most of my morning class (and some noon classes and believe me when I say overslept). Made my first complaint of "my lecturer is SO stupid".

I had already gotten annoyed with my Fluid Dynamics lecturer (who happen to be the same d*ckhead who taught me the last semester) who gratify on making his student's life miserable. That said, I think this semester will go through just fine. At least academically.

My first casino experience
I accompanied my aunt last Sunday to Genting. Again, the only reason why I agree to is that I get to drive up there. :) :) I borrowed her bf's shirt and manage to slip pass the guards in the casino by pretending to be talk about business plans (*loudly). Surprisingly, I found out that I don`t really like being there. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I lost some money then. Though I think the primary factor will be the environment. It was noisy and stuffy and all the old uncle and aunties there acted like you owed them money.

Logically speaking, if everybody`s smiling at the casino, how would Uncle Lim become rich right :)

Genting Resort refurbish its room and I loved it. It looks like a new hotel now and it`s almost comparable to the one in Time Square (which I stayed over the weekends for the Nuffnang Party).

The lightings and new furniture :) lovely.
Now that my piano's back (with a bill of RM 610), I can finally fill my time productively rather then bugging other people. I must train myself to love solitary since I will be spending most of my time alone with Adelene gone for practical.

Time to get to know Beethoven ('s music) better :) *currently practicing on Sonata in F Op 10. No 2.

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

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