Live from Modesto!!!!!!!

Note the exclaimation marks!!!! This is Alex, reporting for the Nuffnang Wildlife Party @ Modesto, Mont Kiara.

This is my first themed party and I`m seriously lost. Whether it`s under or over dressing, I have no idea what to expect. After a couple of hour searching for a 'costume' I finally to decided with something that I really love (preferably on the plate, fried with butter). An octopus :) and I even found my own kind there.

Being one of the first few that submitted the entry, (thank you Grace for the picture of your beloved dog), I get to invite a guest. I`ve extended my invitation to Miss Wong Jing En. So, here's my 'date' for the night.

Apart from the free food *loads and laods of them.. free!!! and beer *yes, it`s free too, what`s superbly cool here is the people. Here, meet Tim.

I asked him where he worked, and he told me Nuffnang. It took me a while, before the fact sinked in.... this is THE Timothy, founder of Nuffnang. I would have bugged him for another good half an hour to ask what triggered him to venture into this completely new business in Malaysia. ( and he`s so young!!!!) I might get a chance to talk to him later again :)

Not to be miss, is of course famous celebrity blogger, Kenny Sia!!!

Somehow Pooh Bear and Octopus didn`t get along well, so he went back to his honey (carlsberg) and I retreat back into the sea of people. And out of nowhere an Elephant came, and he knew my name. Knowing that the chances of me being a well known bloggers is close to 0%, I was wondering who the h*** this person is.

A person capable of crossing an elephant and a terrorist can be no other than Rashad, another infamous twins from MMU campus. Lol. There should be many more upcoming activities for tonight. We had all the animals running towards the host to grab some freebies. We had some mini treasure hunt to win a Tarrapanda soft toy. I hope this post can win me the PSP. :P :P :P :P



JB 11:02 PM  

Hey! nice knowing you and miss Wong! Your GF ah? hehehehe....
hope to see you guys again some other time. Do keep in touch!

aka "The yellow Chicken" at nuffnang animal party

史坦利 11:57 PM  

You the guy who wear the sotong head... LoL :D Btw who is miss Wong?

samantha 1:57 AM  

wei Alex the octopus dude, nice meeting you at the party;)

Johnny Ong 9:40 AM  

sotong head, sori la didnt get to know u there personally. keep in touch virtually till we meet next time.

trying very hard to post my pictures.

Ohkulala 4:52 PM  

hey alex, i saw you at the nuffnang party. am dropping by to say hi. its kul the peacock btw. hehee

Alex 11:00 PM  

JB : she's NOT my gf laa! My actual one will kill me if she reads this. LOL. We`ll definitely keep in touch.

SJ : Lol. it`s octopus mate. :P :P miss wong is another blogger from the same university. --->

Samantha : nice meeting you too!! I thought you were role playing when you said you like the octopus (cat's food?)

Johnny: will be waiting for you pictures. There will be more opportunities in the future. I hope there'll be more parties like this.

ohkulala : hey kul! you looked great that night. When are you going to blog about it :)

samantha 11:31 PM  

eih, mana ade kucing suka kat octopus.
if you're asking the human me, i got to say i love baby octopus at sushi king.
(hint: when la you wanna belanja me?) hahaha.
btw, link me ya ;)

vvens 10:12 AM  

hahaha i have animal confusion. hhahaha sotong and octopus. lol

Ohkulala 3:41 PM  

i've already blogged bout it. you can check it out :)

Alex 9:29 PM  

amantha : waaaa!! 6 bucks a plate. lol. I will link you up in a while. super busy at the moment

Vvens :`s actually the same I think. it`s just sotong kecil and sotong besar :P

Ohkulala : Wee!! will check it out.

Clairine 11:49 PM  


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