Yes. That`s a lot of initials. It stands for International Committee of Red Cross - International Humanitarian Law Debate Championship. As complicated as the name sounds, so is the debate.

a very empty hall. Why? It`s the closing ceremony :)

We thought we did really fine in the beginning. MMU Malacca team 1 ended the preliminaries with 4 wins and no loss while team 2 with 3 wins 1 loss. We broke first and fourth in the tournament, which is quite a very good thing. My team even won National University of Singapore's (NUS) team in one of the rounds. (though in a round with a very bias motion to begin with)

Suria debating as Prime Minister.

The breaking rounds however was horribly disappointing. Both teams got knocked out in the quarters, which is quite embarrassing considering we broke so high in the tournament. It was shocking, especially for team 1 to actually lose to a team just because of some fucked up adjudication. This is one of those time, telling myself shit happen will not console me even in the slightest.

Yet, we have to move on. It was still a nice break from my yum-cha everyday doing nothing and actually put my holidays into good use. Meeting up with friends from the other universities, and spending hours in the morning on the stupid 'Never ever" game. I wonder how is everyone else`s holidays.

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