Happy Birthday mommy

Ok. I admit. The reason why I`m so damm lazy to blog is because I left my the cabel that transfers the pictures from my phone to my laptop at Malacca. It`s only half a lie though, cuz I really have inspiration to make my article readable.

Today is my Mom`s birthday. Her siblings manage to plan out a dinner in KL, (which simply means that they foot the bill while I suggest the place). It`s one of the few birthday celebration that meant something to her, not just because she`s turning 50. Lol. My mom is getting older.

I`ll be leaving for International Humanitarian Law debate at Uitm Shah Alam on Monday. Which is today. I`m considering whether to bring my laptop since I`ll be away till Thursday. Then again, I don`t have the habit to blog daily like I use to before the holidays so I guess it`s quite pointless.

Quite surprisingly, the number of readers have also gone down significantly since I reduced my updates. So I suppose there`s even less pressure for me to post something. :) Anyways, till Thursday then.. adioz. Meanwhile.... wish me luck for the tournament.


lateralus 3:44 AM  

happy birthday to your mom. :)

Good luck.

And yeah, no updates = decrease in hits. That's true for almost all blogs, I guess.

Alex 9:29 PM  

lol.. i had a 200% drop. Well, not that I had much to begin with :)

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