Genting - the city of entertainment

I made another trip to Genting yesterday. A very short one, a for bout 5 hours or so. What made this trip significant compared to other times I went up is that:

a) I'm with my sis, grandma and dad. (haven`t done that since secondary school)

b) We watch the performances at the Pavilion (not the KL Pavilion). The play , called Dreamz, is held there.... inside First World Hotel.

Apparently, the props and the setup cost Genting 1 million ringgit. LOL. That`s why they had been playing this show for the past 1 and a half years.

I really enjoyed some parts of the show, particularly the acrobatics moves and motorcycle stunts. It`s also my first time seeing magic performances live and sad to say, it didn`t impressed me much. In fact, I`ve spent most of my attention trying to find out where could they have hid the lion and tiger when the magician were transfiguring them from the girls.

I`m in fact more excited about the cute animals roaming about on stage. The white lion, yes.. WHITE is so so so so so adorable. Especially when it lick its paws.

I couldn`t take any more pictures as the guards caught me doing them after snapping the picture above. They charge 100 bucks for a picture with the white lion and white tiger, which I`m not willing to pay of course. Even the tickets is complimentary from my grandma who got them as her birthday gift from Genting ( genting card member privileges)

The dances were not my cup of tea so overall, I didn`t enjoy the show that much. (could also be attributed to the fact that we're sitting beside a huge women who took half of our sitting places.) At the end of the day, the part I enjoyed best is driving up and down the hills of Genting Highlands.

*actually, that`s the only reason why I agreed to go Genting in the first place. :)

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