The long long week

Little did I notice, I haven`t been writing down what happened in the past 2 weeks. I should constantly remind myself that this blog is my 'diary' after all. I went through so many things and it`s hard to believe that it had only been 2 weeks since my semester started. So here's to recap everything.

Robotics Week.
I was appointed to be Chief Judge for the a very cool type of robotics tournament called combat robot. Go look it up online and you can see some clips of robots destroying each other. It was deem violent and had never been done in Malaysia.

The tournament in UK had bulletproof glasses as their game field. We got :


Let`s hope that the first combat robot in Malaysia doesn`t end up with any casualties except for the robots. Though, don`t discount the fact that it`s also quite hard to set up a game field made of plywoods ok!. We worked our asses off for this.

I thought reducing from five clubs to two will make my life a lot simpler. Apparently not. Debating itself gave me more than enough headache than I can handle. From preparing case files, to team preparation and flight bookings...... I almost went crazy balancing the workloads and at the same time, force myself to attend classes at the oddest hours. (the morning classes)

Ok.. I know people been asking me what's with the flight bookings and all the matter loading. Here goes. I`m leaving for the Australs-Asians University Debating Championship this next Thursday at Philippines.

Piano Classes
I`ve finally had my first official piano classes. My grandma taught me the basics when I was very very young. (about 13 years ago) before she retires to be a full time mahjong player. I don`t remember playing much after that save for the same few songs. Namely, Fur elise, Ballard de Paul Adeline, Turkish March, Marriage De Amour and Canon in D.

I suppose my passion for piano came back after watching Nodame (also no thanks to all the amazing piano videos on youtube) and ever since, I wanted to take piano seriously. When my uncle from Australia ( a very talent pianist himself) said that he`s willing to sponsor my piano classes, I took the opportunity and signed up.

Being rhythm impaired, I had tough time playing pieces just by reading scores without actually listen to them first. When my teacher gave me a past year grade 8 piece to play (and I had to sight read them), I nearly fainted. Evil teacher.

Academic classes
I have made good progress (in skipping classes) for the past two weeks :) I have skipped most of my morning class (and some noon classes and believe me when I say overslept). Made my first complaint of "my lecturer is SO stupid".

I had already gotten annoyed with my Fluid Dynamics lecturer (who happen to be the same d*ckhead who taught me the last semester) who gratify on making his student's life miserable. That said, I think this semester will go through just fine. At least academically.

My first casino experience
I accompanied my aunt last Sunday to Genting. Again, the only reason why I agree to is that I get to drive up there. :) :) I borrowed her bf's shirt and manage to slip pass the guards in the casino by pretending to be talk about business plans (*loudly). Surprisingly, I found out that I don`t really like being there. Perhaps it was due to the fact that I lost some money then. Though I think the primary factor will be the environment. It was noisy and stuffy and all the old uncle and aunties there acted like you owed them money.

Logically speaking, if everybody`s smiling at the casino, how would Uncle Lim become rich right :)

Genting Resort refurbish its room and I loved it. It looks like a new hotel now and it`s almost comparable to the one in Time Square (which I stayed over the weekends for the Nuffnang Party).

The lightings and new furniture :) lovely.
Now that my piano's back (with a bill of RM 610), I can finally fill my time productively rather then bugging other people. I must train myself to love solitary since I will be spending most of my time alone with Adelene gone for practical.

Time to get to know Beethoven ('s music) better :) *currently practicing on Sonata in F Op 10. No 2.

The party animals.

Not having internet access at home is a bitch. I been trying to blog the 2nd update since Monday but somehow those limited time I had online was spent trying to identify who I took picture with. I vaguely remember meeting a lot of people. So many that I hardly remember any. I managed to visit quite a few, (I think about 15 or so) and being as blur as the octopus on my head, I lost track again who's who.

So, here are the pictures and let's see who I can still recognize.

from this picture I think I remember Caryn, the girl on my right.

that's Edmund, Ron, Andrew, Jing En and Min Li
(having name tags helps :P )

the nominees for best animal costume.
we have the ladybug ( Su Ann), the ostrict (Suet li), Lioness (??), the terrorist elephant (Rashad), the cow (Toklet), and the male rabbit (Frankie)

The cow and lioness won the title of King and Queen of the Jungle. I thought it was rather weird since a cow suppose to be a female right :P Then again, we shouldn`t expect a bigger surprise than a male rabbit.

We have more cows :) I think there`s 4 of them in total

That`s JB. He`s the first animal I notice when I walked into Modesto. Lol. You can`t miss a big yellow chicken.

Cynthia (2nd from left), playing the role of a hunter. Yet all the other animals are flocking to her.

This is perhaps my most embarrassing moment of the night. I was asked to picked 3 pieces of paper and it reads " you are a chicken..... who's dancing....because you saw a sexy girl "


I refuse to elaborate what happened later.

Back to the other pictures :)

Samatha, who likes octopus very much. Also on a plate.

a butterfly, I keep getting smacked by their wings. Considering the fact that there are quite a lot of them, it`s not possible to get to one place without bumping into one of them. Which is actually good thing right :)

Kul and Hui Wen. I expected Peacocks to come with their spread tails :)

Joshua caught me blogging during the party itself. *I really hope you don`t mind I stole this picture from your blog :P

Pandaa, Jing En and Cherie.

There should be some more pictures, but I`m not profiting the internet cafe by staying any longer. I`ll link up all of you guys one day. Till then.

Live from Modesto!!!!!!!

Note the exclaimation marks!!!! This is Alex, reporting for the Nuffnang Wildlife Party @ Modesto, Mont Kiara.

This is my first themed party and I`m seriously lost. Whether it`s under or over dressing, I have no idea what to expect. After a couple of hour searching for a 'costume' I finally to decided with something that I really love (preferably on the plate, fried with butter). An octopus :) and I even found my own kind there.

Being one of the first few that submitted the entry, (thank you Grace for the picture of your beloved dog), I get to invite a guest. I`ve extended my invitation to Miss Wong Jing En. So, here's my 'date' for the night.

Apart from the free food *loads and laods of them.. free!!! and beer *yes, it`s free too, what`s superbly cool here is the people. Here, meet Tim.

I asked him where he worked, and he told me Nuffnang. It took me a while, before the fact sinked in.... this is THE Timothy, founder of Nuffnang. I would have bugged him for another good half an hour to ask what triggered him to venture into this completely new business in Malaysia. ( and he`s so young!!!!) I might get a chance to talk to him later again :)

Not to be miss, is of course famous celebrity blogger, Kenny Sia!!!

Somehow Pooh Bear and Octopus didn`t get along well, so he went back to his honey (carlsberg) and I retreat back into the sea of people. And out of nowhere an Elephant came, and he knew my name. Knowing that the chances of me being a well known bloggers is close to 0%, I was wondering who the h*** this person is.

A person capable of crossing an elephant and a terrorist can be no other than Rashad, another infamous twins from MMU campus. Lol. There should be many more upcoming activities for tonight. We had all the animals running towards the host to grab some freebies. We had some mini treasure hunt to win a Tarrapanda soft toy. I hope this post can win me the PSP. :P :P :P :P



I got an invitation to go to Nuffnang Wildlife Party at Mont Kiara tomorrow. Right now I`m blogging from a suite in Time Square.

Usually, I`ll add like a hundred exclaimation marks to accompany those statment. I don`t know where I lost my excitement and joy. Perhaps all the frustration from the airlines bookings and debate preperation worned me out. I`m just so sick of handling logistics, thinking where to put up for the night and how to get from one place to another.

All the uncertainties is driving me nuts. I`m phobic to last minutes changes. Right now, what I really look forward to, is a warm bed to call it the night.

Pissed off

I'm going to announce it to the world. Cebu Pacific and Maybank both sucks.

I`ve been spending the past 4 hours booking air flights with countless failed transaction. I`ve used 6 different cards. Maybank cards can`t be used for overseas based companies.

HSBC needs to have a confirmation which they never follow up.

Cebu confirmed my reservation and then canceled it when they raised the price by two fold.

I wasted 4 hours and 800 bucks extra for nothing. I couldn`t find a better work to describe the situation then fucked up.

My piano

Quite a thing to talk about. I don`t know whether I can rightfully claim it`s mine since I last told my grandmother to 'lend' it to me. I do know that I`m keeping it as long as I want. :) Which is a good enough. I finally got a piano tuner to come look at my piano. I was shock to find out that the current price of this piano is RM 28000!!!!!!!! I can buy a grand piano if I add a few more thousand.

It`s just sad that the damage brought down its value. The piano still looks good without the damaged exterior. (though it`s horribly dusty inside).

However, the interior is badly damaged as well. All the strings are rusty, which necessary means it could snap anytime. It`ll need a very costly service of polishing. Even then, the piano tuner say I can never restore the piano to the concert pitch anymore. (so I have to play at half a semitone lower :( :( :( :( . Of cuz, if I have the money to change all the strings, (cost a couple of thousands)

The bar chord strings had all rotten as well. *the bar chord string is in charge of bouncing back the keys. So he took off the hammers and brought it home to do some light servicing. This will take approximately a week :(

Open up the piano on the top and you can look at the keys directly.Even without the hammers, I think the piano can still be put into a good use. Don`t you think this looks like some classy bar table. :) :) :)

Vodka Lime anyone? On a very 'expensive' piano. My grandma will slaughter me for sure. Lol

UiTM hotel

You know those run down hotels that look and smells like it`s been deserted for the past decade. Yes... it even smells like that. Given that environment, anything that looks doggy can give you goosebumps.

There's 13 of us cramped into one apartment during the 4 day tournament. I was desperately looking for a corner to place myself. Preferably, isolated...from the noise of people chatting and partying.

I didn`t realized how spooky the following picture is. Imagine a person walking into the room and suddenly found a shadow behind the veils.

That would literally freak anyone out. This picture is captured with flash, so the actual scene is a lot more creepier. Well, for those for knew, you can easily recognize that`s me. :) :) :)

Netless, lifeless

I certainly did not expect this. I reach home (Malacca) and saw a room empty. Then I realized that one of my house mate graduated. The number of people in the house reduced from 4 to 3. And most of us don`t spent our time at home anyway. It seems even more silent that it used to be.

Half heartedly, I turned on the pc, hoping to fine some for of entertainment on the net. There was no connection. I double check and triple check the modem and cables, yet there`s no signals. Then I found out, that the internet subscription was registered under my graduated house mate's name. She cancel the subscription as she move out!!.

Application will take another month to process. For now, library will once again be my 2nd home. :)

and the its coming to an end

The holiday that is.

I never seem to have enough of it :) :) :)

Random stuff

This entry could have been up a long time. But hey, random stuffs alway come at random timings right :) Here's the story. About a month ago, somewhere during my exam period, I went to the Pasar Malam (night market) to while away my boredom.

I came across this store which sells everything for RM 1. I`m a natural sucker for cheap goods. Thus I ended up with 5 stuff.....

A magnifying glass, a lighter, an electric test pen, a ink pen, and a blade. Perhaps you could understand the logic behind buying the pen and blade.. but the rest? Why and when the hell will I use them.

So here`s to the first usage of the magnifying glass. To take silly pictures :) like this.

For the test pen, I used it to proved that my printer's usb is faulty and can actually shock anyone who touch it. Look, the pen light up when I touch the metal section of the usb cabel. (I took me quite a while to figure out why I occasionally get electric shocks when I was using my laptop at home.)

For the lighter, I plan to use it since I have 8 packs of unopened ciggarattes....... that is what I would like to say. Adelene will kill me if I touch them.

Anyway, I bought the lighter so I can light up for ppl :). That`s a lie also. The REAL reason why I bought this lighter is....... it acts as a torch light at the other end.

and it's damm bright...... way brighter compared to normal torch light.

In the end, the two most 'practical' items, are the only items that I did not touch and use at all :) Ahhhh..... this is random indeed. What have I been doing during my exam week!!.. No wonder my result sulks.

Genting - the city of entertainment

I made another trip to Genting yesterday. A very short one, a for bout 5 hours or so. What made this trip significant compared to other times I went up is that:

a) I'm with my sis, grandma and dad. (haven`t done that since secondary school)

b) We watch the performances at the Pavilion (not the KL Pavilion). The play , called Dreamz, is held there.... inside First World Hotel.

Apparently, the props and the setup cost Genting 1 million ringgit. LOL. That`s why they had been playing this show for the past 1 and a half years.

I really enjoyed some parts of the show, particularly the acrobatics moves and motorcycle stunts. It`s also my first time seeing magic performances live and sad to say, it didn`t impressed me much. In fact, I`ve spent most of my attention trying to find out where could they have hid the lion and tiger when the magician were transfiguring them from the girls.

I`m in fact more excited about the cute animals roaming about on stage. The white lion, yes.. WHITE is so so so so so adorable. Especially when it lick its paws.

I couldn`t take any more pictures as the guards caught me doing them after snapping the picture above. They charge 100 bucks for a picture with the white lion and white tiger, which I`m not willing to pay of course. Even the tickets is complimentary from my grandma who got them as her birthday gift from Genting ( genting card member privileges)

The dances were not my cup of tea so overall, I didn`t enjoy the show that much. (could also be attributed to the fact that we're sitting beside a huge women who took half of our sitting places.) At the end of the day, the part I enjoyed best is driving up and down the hills of Genting Highlands.

*actually, that`s the only reason why I agreed to go Genting in the first place. :)

Save the environment. Save the fuel

It never hit me before, that the only way to reduce consumption is to make oil unaffordable. Ok, I`ve thought of it, but the idea is so cruel that I dismissed it immediately.

That just probably shows how short termed and selfish the human minds works. We don`t really care if the world is not fit for living for the new generation, so as long we can live for ours. Environmentalist had been begging for people to reduce energy consumption since forever, yet the only time people actually think about reducing consumption is when the the tariffs are increased.

I`m slowly appreciating the outcome of the new oil hike. Sure, things are going to be bad for the average joe. More so, the poorer ones. There're lots to gain in the long term. For the adverse effects on the short term however, we can only trust the government (however hard it may be) that they stay true to their words. E.g. increasing the fleet card for the transportation/fishing industry and other policies for the needy. I actually think this time around, with all the tax reviews and rebates, they are finally making sincere effort to compensate the citizens in exchange for the reduction in oil subsidies.

Look on the bright side and see some good changes taking effect starting from today. On a practical example, I was driving to KL today and the everyone seems to stop accelerating after they reach 90 kph. (which is suppose to be the most fuel economic speed). Though, it is quite freaky cuz it`s the first time I drove on a highway with mostly the same cars around me the entire journey since no is overtaking or lagging behind. *save perhaps for traffic jams.

This is one effect that reduces consumption, and because Malaysians are as equally kiasu as their neighbor, (referring to the Wednesday night's jam), we might actually spend less on fuel since everyone will not drive as often anymore. (which is proven this evening with smooth traffic on a Sunday) Which is a good thing. Town will be less congested from now on, and less crazy drivers going at insane speed.(shit, that`s self incriminating). We might even have less accidents.

And as an added benefit, we might save the environment, which no one seemed to remember.

Alex's whiny take on the oil price hike.

1) I still don't understand why the higher crude oil prices affects Malaysia as we are still a net oil exporter, which by default means we`re earning more.

2) All the shares of the energy company went up the very minute after the announcement of the new oil price. Which again means, that this company are already doing well enough in status quo. Conspiracy theory says that the politician have their own vested interest in these companies, therefore having a higher oil price gives them more benefit. I`m lazy to elaborate on this one. Go look it up yourself. Politics and money, it`s really not a far fetched idea.

3) I still hate the Government for announcing the hike so drastically. More so after they 'promised' not to touch the oil prices till August. Liars.

4) What the hell is the Pakatan Rakyat doing? didn`t they promised at least to stop the reduction in oil subsidies. Given that no policy can pass without their consent now (since they deny the rulling party 2/3 majority).. why is this happening again? How can you expect people to trust you in the next election.

5) One word to sum everything up...... Damm

A new car!! again :)

It has actually been more than a week since the arrival of my new car. I was equally excited about it as the last time, though constant reminder by friends and family about the accident puts me off.

Anyway, here`s my new baby.

I wish...

Back to reality. I got back the same car, Proton Persona, this time, with ABS, two air bags and all sort of 'extra' safety measures on it. What`s the trade off? An additional 7k and an auto gearbox. (this the H line is only available in auto)

It `s a different color this time around. I would say it`s a acquired taste as not all will appreciate this particular shade. Furthermore, it gets dusty easily. Does't go too well with Alex's messy character.

Like it or not, this will be the car for my family for the next few years. With the increase oil price, I should really drop the driving for leisure notion. Transport is after all, is to get you from point A to B.

*damm you sis for that ugly 'P" sticker on the new car.

and a reminder for myself. Don`t crash this thing again.


Yes. That`s a lot of initials. It stands for International Committee of Red Cross - International Humanitarian Law Debate Championship. As complicated as the name sounds, so is the debate.

a very empty hall. Why? It`s the closing ceremony :)

We thought we did really fine in the beginning. MMU Malacca team 1 ended the preliminaries with 4 wins and no loss while team 2 with 3 wins 1 loss. We broke first and fourth in the tournament, which is quite a very good thing. My team even won National University of Singapore's (NUS) team in one of the rounds. (though in a round with a very bias motion to begin with)

Suria debating as Prime Minister.

The breaking rounds however was horribly disappointing. Both teams got knocked out in the quarters, which is quite embarrassing considering we broke so high in the tournament. It was shocking, especially for team 1 to actually lose to a team just because of some fucked up adjudication. This is one of those time, telling myself shit happen will not console me even in the slightest.

Yet, we have to move on. It was still a nice break from my yum-cha everyday doing nothing and actually put my holidays into good use. Meeting up with friends from the other universities, and spending hours in the morning on the stupid 'Never ever" game. I wonder how is everyone else`s holidays.

Happy Birthday mommy

Ok. I admit. The reason why I`m so damm lazy to blog is because I left my the cabel that transfers the pictures from my phone to my laptop at Malacca. It`s only half a lie though, cuz I really have inspiration to make my article readable.

Today is my Mom`s birthday. Her siblings manage to plan out a dinner in KL, (which simply means that they foot the bill while I suggest the place). It`s one of the few birthday celebration that meant something to her, not just because she`s turning 50. Lol. My mom is getting older.

I`ll be leaving for International Humanitarian Law debate at Uitm Shah Alam on Monday. Which is today. I`m considering whether to bring my laptop since I`ll be away till Thursday. Then again, I don`t have the habit to blog daily like I use to before the holidays so I guess it`s quite pointless.

Quite surprisingly, the number of readers have also gone down significantly since I reduced my updates. So I suppose there`s even less pressure for me to post something. :) Anyways, till Thursday then.. adioz. Meanwhile.... wish me luck for the tournament.

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honour

Things to do when you`re bored.

Play weird online games.. like this one at

My score when I last played two weeks ago.

Yes... it`s quite low, and I kinda get tired of it. But nevertheless going to try my luck to be among the 40 nuffnangers to get a free ticket to watch the premier of Made of Honour. :) :)

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.