I have quite a lot of things in mind right now. I would have blog about my chat with Claire`s dad... or about medical ethics.. or perhaps about Adelene`s visit on Thursday, my Mom`s birthday celebration... movie review about Narnia... and my annoying sister using my laptop despite having 3 computers at home.

But somehow, I don`t know when and how to start. Therefore I think I`ll just leave my blog empty. For the rest of the holidays.

I believe this is what it really means by writer`s blog.

Roaring My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging

Apparently I`ll have to do this to get invited to a Nuffnang party. I thought the Pajama`s party was cool, so might as well give it a try for this one.

The requirements are really simple, just post a photo of an animal you like and describe it. The lucky 100 nuffnangers gets the invitation for the party. I had to agree though, it`s quite childish. Anyways... read more about it at

So, before looking at the picture I would like say.. SORRY GRACE!! I`m using your dog`s picture :p

I have always like pets and I`ve been bugging Grace to let me keep her dog when she wanted to give this cute creature away (but that would be impossible as I won`t be able to handle one). It's so adorable, don`t you agree?

So, is this enough to get me the invites? :P :P :P :P :P

*there`s one more I event I plan to go also. It have something to do with fishing. Lol. Seach nuffnang website for it. It`s super cool.

Air Asia.. please fly to UK

They (Air Asia) have been saying it since forever.. that they will fly there. There`s very little updates since their last press release.

I`m thinking of taking Sem 2 (October- January) off to go to do an internship somewhere outside Malaysia. Or backpacking around UK. It`s a far fetch idea right now, but depending on how much I want it to happen... it can. My parents already gave me the green light.

Perhaps right now, I need contacts. Contacts of friends living abroad. Contacts of companies that I can approach for internship.

little updates

Well, 4 days since I`ve been back home. Right now, I`m really enjoying my days without the pressure of exam. I spent most of my time catching up with my friends and family.

I met Claire last Friday. We went to play badminton at Subang with Kian Liang and Jonathan. She bought be a new watch from the States. Thank you so much!

My uncle from Australia went home today. I missed him playing the piano. I believed my passions for Chopin`s music came from him. (I listened my first etudes from him.).

He ask me to learn the piano from a proper teacher and he`s willing to pay for it. Lol. My mom on the other hand say that I won`t have the time. But if a director of a mnc can spare his time to play the piano, I shouldn`t be finding excuses :)

Malaysian artistes for Unity

Listen to the song a few times. It`s addictive after a while. I actually thought this is one good effort. Certainly beats all the crappy RTM songs.

Go Bangsa Malaysia!!!

The little town of Kajang got merrier


I`m back... after 2 months

Claire`s back... after 2 years

My uncle`s back.... after 11 years.

There`s lots to catching up to do.

David Archuleta

Once in a while, you`ll come across performances that moves your heart. This guy, only 17 years old did just that with his own version of 'Think of Me'.

Don`t you wish you have his voice. :)

Asian University Debating Championship

As much as I wanted to go for this tournament, I couldn`t because I don`t dare to miss my exams. The only thing I can do within my capacity is to visit them between my papers. And I did.

It haven`t been much of a good news for our university. Team 1 faced Team 2 at the final round when both teams needs one more win to secure 5 points. By using the Pascal's Triangle theory, it is estimated that at least 3 teams from 5 out of 8 points will make it to the top 16.

Team 1 won in the end but unfortunately for them, the speakers score was not high enough to make the break. It`s quite painful to accept the fact that we come home empty handed despite months of practice and training.

On a personal scale, things were not too bad for me on the first day. I volunteered to debate one round as a swing speaker with Paki and Jillian. There are two problems. No. 1; the other team is also on 4 points and really need that win in order to make the Octo-finals. No.2, it`s Temasik Polytechnic one, our close friends. Have I known this I wouldn`t have volunteered.

We could have purposely make stupid speeches and let them win easily. But that will cause the debate level to drop and they will not be credited with high speaker score. So we decided to engage the debate but make flawed arguments so that they can capitalize on it. But apparently we did too much and won the debate. Paki was devasted, as he's from the SAME institution.

I certainly felt guilty.... for like 1 hour. But on the flip side, if we had not volunteered, then Praba, Mac and Big Boy (ex-Australs semifinalist and finalist) would have swung instead. I don`t need to say more.

The pool party at night was quite decent as we have a number of new faces. I believe we had people from USM, NTU, SMU, TP, some Pinoi teams and of cuz both MMU Cyber and Malacca. the pool party ended at 3.30 am after being chased by the guards like countless time. (the pool are supposed to be closed at night).

I certainly enjoyed my time there... meeting old friend from afar, and being part of the whole debate environment. It`s been a month or two since I last debated, I definitely need to brush up again. But that will have to come after my Thursday's paper. *panics.

Have a break, have a Kit Kat.

1 more paper to go. 22nd of May, will be the day I graduate from my 2nd year and the start of fun-filled holiday.

I`m taking a break right now. From my exams, from ranting about how horribly I screwed up my paper, but instead of having Kit Kat, I`ll have a can of Heneiken instead.

I`ll be traveling to International Islamic University tomorrow to attend the 3rd day of Preliminaries for the Asian University Debating Championship. 2 of the team are both on 3 wins and 2 losses, and there are 3 rounds tomorrow. If they win all three, there`s good chance of breaking into the quarters.

My prayers goes to them, the victim of Nargis and the earthquake, and my screwed up exam papers.

Graduate studies

I couldn`t study for the past 2 day. I`ve never been devoid of the studying mood and motivation so much before during exam period. Despite having 3 more papers, I can`t bring myself to sit still on the desk and read my notes.

Ironically, what I`ve been doing instead is looking at Oxford's website and day dream of studying there. (I know, a bum like me in Oxford is like a duck among the swans, not to say swans are any better). Ask me whether do I deserve to be there, 3 years ago I would have give you a solid yes. Now, I`m sided towards the negative.

the majestic campus

I wonder how different my life would be if only I`m actually there. I saw 2 possibilities;

1) turn into a total nerd, spending days and night burying my nose under the books. (not likely)
2) flung all my paper and come back discretely (possible)

But I looked through their papers and its not that much of a difference in standard. The only difference is definitely the learning process. Here, pretty much all our answers comes directly from a known source (lecture example and tutorials). Perhaps this is why engineering students here are horribly lazy. There`s no incentive to work harder. Or maybe we`re just all lazy in nature.

Anyway, I would love to study in either Oxford, Cambridge, MIT. There`s still chances in pursuing my masters/PHD in one of these university. If there`s a remote possibility that I might be able to do my research there, I`ll just have to work harder from now on.

Now, wake up Alex, and start studying.

The world today.

The news for the past few days are only about two things. Disasters and Elections.

Both doesn`t seem to be too good a thing. We keep wondering when will things be better. When will Hilarry back out, when will Burma accept help, and when will the 900 Chinese children trapped beneath the school rubbles be freed.

With this introduction, I would like to talk about democracy; and raise the question; is democracy really the best form of governance?

We have seen the best and worst from both democratic and communist government. Both have equal capabilities to violate human rights. Both have equal tendency to wage war on another country. It all comes down to the illusionary 'freedom' and 'choice' which the democratic nations are so proud of.

Take a step back and ponder for a while. Is that choice really a valid choice? Is it a free choice? Is it an inform choice? Supposingly there`s only one answer, will choosing the other side be a wrong choice. Let`s take Hillary-Obama's election as a analogy. (Forget all the millions of dollar spent in campaigning, for now).If one of them is really the best suited to be president, then aren`t half of the people are making the wrong choice.

What kind of system that encourage half of the people to make crap decisions? and all the wars and violence in the name of democracy. People died to only to protect the people`s right to make random choices.

Well, of course communism is not too good either. Burma have rejected help out of ego and paranoia, resulting in more people dying everyday. I really could not comprehend that such government exist. Even a warmonger will fight to protect it`s people. And yet, people in her county are dying everyday and they are still restricting help.

I hope RPK writes another article with the headings ; "Let send the Burmese Government to hell"

But lets not generalize here. Another communist state, China have been superb in responding to its disaster. Less that 24 hours, thousands of troops and aid agency have been mobilized to the quake areas. Nevermind the fact that the roads are blocked. The army are ordered to go there anyway, by foot. These are the same people who clear the rubbles, search for victims, and carry them to the ambulances.

We have seen them in news, being impartial, responding quickly to every area.Rich, poor, city, sub-urban provinces, young, old. In fact, compared to the Katrina`s disaster... we see that the welfare of the people are better prioritized in this communist government.

What`s the purpose of this entry? To filled my boredom in the midst of my exam. (and perhaps to indicated that I`ve been spending more time surfing the net than studying.) Maybe, and just maybe...I might persuade some people that the idea of communism are not too bad after all.

To the gallows. Day 1

I absolutely hate, despise, loath, when stuff like this happen during exam. Time management (or rather the lack of it).

The exam hall did not had a clock and but I thought I can rely on my hp, which was of cuz dumb idea as it's prohibited by the lecturer. I screened through the exam paper. Looks reasonable. I`m pretty sure I can answer all 6 of them.

I finished the first 2 with ease, within 30 minutes. Which gives a good 1 hour 30 minutes for my next 2 questions, though I really intend to do all of them, and not just 2.

I took my own sweet time doing the question, and of cuz, double checking, and even triple checking each values. I did that until....until I heard, 3o minutes left. *Jaws drop. What`s worst, I miss out one crucial information which would have render my 7 page of question 3 useless.

I panic.

30 minutes. 2 long question to go. *plays mission impossible soundtrack.

I couldn`t finish my paper. The last questions is by far the easiest question, which I could have easily solve with another 10 minutes. Because I panic, I stumbled upon my calculator, which many of the results turns out to be wrong and don`t make sense.

I hate it, I hate it. It`s a paper within my grasp. and I just lost it.

Pangea Day screening.


I walked into the screening room. It was just about to start. There are only 10 people in the room.

However, it made no difference. Behind the screen, thousands of people worldwide are watching this together. The event is held concurrently at LA, Mumbai, Rwanda, London, Rio. It`s amazing how they coordinate everything to show different speaker speaking from different location.

Some of the videos were superb, and we had a good laugh. We learned that many of the condom distributed in Africa are actually used to make footballs. We learned that the one with the bigger speaker wins. (please refer to the Elevator video at But what really touched me is perhaps the speeches delivered by the invited guest.

One talks about human's capacity to love, to celebrate, to work together but at the same time, have the capacity to build barriers on the slightest differences between people. He ends his speech with the hope that the world one day will, there will only be 'us' and no 'them'.

It`s also amazing on how they get people, from different side of conflict zones, to stand together on one stage, expressing message of peace and forgiveness. And I can almost feel the pain, that these people, having loss their family member, killed by the other side, and yet telling them, I forgive you.

More amazing, is that two Lebanon civil war generals in the 1975, one from the Christian fraction and the other from the Muslim, admitting that they were wrong. If these two people, having fought against each other for 16 years can stand up to the world, throw their ego aside and say let`s live together peacefully, we wonder why people stop giving peace a chance.

6am. I went back. Hoping that tomorrow will be a better day.


Signs of a failing relationship.

Your partner starts to act oddly and spends more time hanging out with friends instead of you.

They spend a lot of time talking about people they have recently met, but you haven't.

You find you're drifting apart, not spending as much time together.

You sometimes have a feeling that your partner is trying to disconnect themselves from you.

Your partner shows extreme signs of moodiness - super happy at one point and totally miserable at other times for absolutely no reason.

You have a gut feeling the size of a watermelon in your stomach like something is going horribly wrong?

Sedition Act

1948 Sedition Act punishes "any incitement to hatred, suspicion or contempt of any leader or government member"

Now, the reason why`s that`s scary is not only because that it thins the line on what can be said against the rulling government. It`s a law, unlike the defamation charges, persecutes you even when you`re are have proof to back up your statement.

Essentially, it`s a perfect tool to silent someone.

Bloggers have reason to be concerned. We have seen Jeff Ooi (now a politician himself) being questioned by the police and even the royalty don`t escape. Raja Petra was charge under the Sedition act 3 days ago.

But damm RPK. He`s smart. He used the governments tool in his favour. By refusing to post bail, and went on a hunger strike, he generates so much public interest that even idiot like me who never followed Altantuya closely can spend hours talking about it. I quote an article from Malaysia Today:

because the principle is easy (if you don't see it already) - the best marketing strategy in the world is not advertisement but CURIOUSITY. You don't go tell people how good your product is but you MAKE them want to know and curious about your product.

Whether the public reaction on RPK`s a little exaggerated; with candle light vigil, donation box, lining up waiting for him to be released; I don`t know. But what it seems, many ppl regard him as a hero, and his defiance as a victory. Some refer him the Ghandi of Malaysia.

To me, it`s a lot more simple. He`s a guy who`s bold and just doesn`t give a damm. :)

A good article to start with on who Raja Petra is ;

Him being hurl up to jail is a living proof that the government is high officials are involve with the case and the government is doing whatever it can to eradicate any information against them. Quite ironic when Badawi declared the he`ll put more effort to uphold freedom and rights of the people in conjunction of World Press Freedom Day just 5 days ago on May 3rd.

RPK went to jail so the public will not stay ignorant and continue to be misled by the government. If this is a game of chess; he have just landed a checkmate.

Pangea Day

A short introduction;

Pangea Day is a global event bringing the world together through film. On May 10, 2008, live events in Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro will be linked to produce a program of powerful films, live music and visionary speakers. The program will be broadcast live to millions of people worldwide through the internet, television, and mobile phones.

There will be a screening on our campus on the 11th May, click on the link to find out more.

If you want to ask what are short films? Here's one that Terri forwarded to me just a while back.

I hope that convince you to come this Saturday night (or rather Sunday morning). It might not be about the poor dog, but expect equally good(or not better) videos :).

Even if you`re not convinced, what`s cooler than watching random video at the wee hours on the eve of your exams. :P :P :P :P Prepare and study early. You won`t want to miss this.

Social events....

I`ve not much of a clubbing person. Despite visiting them on a monthly basis (sometimes a few times in a week), the only thing I gain from there is found out that I don`t really enjoy it.

*of cuz with the exception of free alcohol during ladies night.

However, there are also times when I really really want to be at these places. Especially when they host certain events, like the St Patric's Celebration the club in Plaza Mont Kiara.

Zouk`s hosting some really nice cool event recently too. Cleo`s top 50 bachelor of the year award, though that`s a event more for girls. (Then think again, if there`s a lot of girls there, that`s a fair reason to be there.)

Why I`m blogging about these? It`s because Nuffnang offers 10 VIP passes to Nokia IAC band event at Zouk end of this week.

Quote from nuffnang

And what does VIP passes grant you? Let’s see. VIP passes allows you to bring a guest along with you, a complimentary drink from Zouk, access to VIP areas where all the savvy peeps are, goodie bags from Nokia with lots of surprises, and the ability to dominate the world. Okay, I was joking on the last part. Forget that.

I really really want to go. And I cant. Damm examinations.

The weekend

It`s quite easy to guess where I disappeared to last weekend. I went to Cyberjaya to attend a debate tournament. Oh when`s exam again? It`s next week :P

and I`m not even there to debate. The only reason why I waste my entire weekend which would otherwise can be spend on productive activity like sleeping studying is that I wanted to monitor the progress of team 2 for AUDC and see if I could help them out in anyway. How much I manage to help them, only time will tell.

However, I find this adjudicating this tournament a lot more bearable from the rest of the local tournament. For some reason, the CA had been very kind to me and I`ve been adjudicating average-above average rooms through out the preliminaries. You have no idea how torturous it is to judge bean teams. (yes, we do label them as such). Most of the time you`ll be wondering whether they are actually speaking English.

I was also given the honor to chair the final round of the tournament. Though I`m not there solely base on merit,(as there are more deserving adjudicator, like the CA himself) it`s a pleasing thought to know that the adj core believe I`m capable of judging and chairing in the finals. And since it`s my first time being able to chair a finals, (and the first time in many years an undergraduate chaired a finals), I should be happy.. :)


Will be away for a tournament till Monday. :) :) :)

Happy Labour's Day

We know it as a no-school day, and it`ll cost 3 times more in labour to fix your leaking pipe.

Let`s have a look at the origins of this holiday. (taken from Wikipedia)

Labour Day is an annual holiday celebrated all over the world that resulted from efforts of the labour union movement, to celebrate the economic and socialworkers. achievements of

The celebration of Labour Day has its origins in the eight hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest. On 21 April 1856 Stonemasons and building workers on building sites around Melbourne, Australia, stopped work and marched from the University of Melbourne to Parliament House to achieve an eight hour day. Their direct action protest was a success, and they are noted as the first organized workers in the world to achieve an eight hour day with no loss of pay, which subsequently inspired the celebration of Labour Day and May Day
Ironically, in Malaysia, even when we celebrate Labour's Day, many of the people still work like 10-12 hours a day. Those people in the mamak stall work from evening till dawn, the construction worker takes a 12 hour shift. Many people are taking overtime.

In fact, many people are WILLING to take overtime. Those who are not earning enough to support their own family. Those that need to pay for their children's education. Those what needs to pay for their sick parent's medical bills. These people desperately need money and forgoing their time for leisure.

They say the pie (economy) is big enough for everyone... but it`s just not distributed properly. Though we celebrate Labour's day, we have still not achieve what these people initially fought for. When one can work for 8 hours, play for 8 hours, and rest for 8 hours. Perhaps one day, but it`s not today.

*and Alex still have to study on labour's day. Damm MMU examination schedule.

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Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.