When advertisement is not worth it.

Notice that I`ve added Nuffnang ads at the side of my page. I have actually been a member of Nuffnang since the company started about a year ago. Though, I never bothered to copy and paste the ads link just because I`m too lazy.

Now, I have received one advertisement deal on the 30 March - 5 of April. Surprise surprise, how much I earn.


RM 0.25 sens!!!

SERIOUSLY!!!! lol. Doesn`t even worth my time checking that I have that money.

Should I remove the ads now?... nah.. I`m too lazy.


lateralus 6:24 PM  

Payperpost!!! :P

Alex 1:22 AM  

i registered.. but i`m not too sure whether they approved it or not

lateralus 5:42 AM  

They'll send you an e-mail if they approve it. You also make money off referrals. Once you make your first PayPerPost task, I'll be 15 dollars richer. LOL

Try TLA (Text Link Ads too! ) :P just follow the link:

I use my blog in the summer as a moneymaking machine. I made 130 USD at PPP last week. TLA gives me about 40-70 USD a month.

Alex 10:48 AM  

serious. wow. I`m not into money making actually. I joined nuffnang because they organize events for members and members get certain benefit like free movie tickets etc

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