Unexpected day

Another odd call at 4am. Muharam ask me to replace him working cuz he`s sick and I need to get moving at 8am. Right...

I`ve been getting calls from people I don`t want to talk to and about things I don`t want to know. While the calls that I`ve been expecting never turn up.

So, I went to work on a Saturday morning, which will otherwise spent on a productive activity of sleeping. Arrived at Mahkota Hotel with no idea what the work is all about except the fact that I`m working for Exploraquest.... the game I joined last time. I was expecting to become a marshal for the game... where you take care of a particular station and guide the people to the next one.

Turns out the work was just to sit down there from 9-3 (with 1 hour break in between) and you get your pay. Though, halfway through I`ve to become a tour guide for a couple cuz they lack of marshals on the game site. I don`t mind though.. beats sitting down and do nothing. The couple even treated me lunch.

After the event, I went to MP with the other person who work there as well. I`ve to stay here till 6pm if I want to go to church. She left about 3.30 when her father came to pick her up, and I was left to wander around aimlessly. Alone.

Though, that`s not too bad after all.

I got to say that MP sometimes host decent events. They had 3 on 3 breakdance competition yesterday. The place was so crowded even secret recipe was full house because people have literally no where else to stand if they want to look at the dance floor.

They had people from KL and Singapore coming over all the way to compete. Some of them were quite impressing.

The only complain I got is that the crowd were not responsive. No one cheered when they do a really cool move and no one cheered when they ask which side won.

And with that done, I went back home.. continue feeling lame, and slept at 8pm.

...only to be waken up by calls.... asking me about the fair, trying to sell me cigarettes and blah blah blah...

I pressed the button that I`ve never pressed before. Off and.... zzzzzzzz

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