Summer Holidays

examination periood, there`s always a strong craving for holiday trips.

I went through hours/days/weeks of thought before deciding not to go for AUDC (despite me screaming at Benjamin for deciding not to go for Australs). Definitely not a choice I wanted, but rather, a choice I had to make.

As a result, come this holiday, I don`t have to study for supplementaries. Which also means I can put in all my effort in preparing for the upcoming tournaments. 3 weeks of holidays and there are filled with national level debate inter varsities.

So, here`s how I plan to spend them.

Week 1 : Holiday with ex-classmates.
Week 2 : International Humanitarian Law debate and Mom`s birthday. Going to take her out of something.
Week 3 : UiTM Arau Inter varsity (way up in Perlis) and I`m thinking of stopping by Langkawi.

The only thing that needs planning now is getting my ex classmates who are scattered across Malaysia and some abroad. I`m also torn between choosing two places:

1) the cooling highlands of Cameron Highland

those hills are so tempting..

tea plantation


2) The island of cheap liquor!!! Langkawi

It`s been 4 years since I last met some of my classmates. I really hope I can make this trip happen.

*at the same time, I felt like I`m the only one that want the trip... belehh....

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