Solving the world`s energy crisis.

What I say here might not make any sense to some people. (though it doesn`t really made sense in the end anyway.)

I was in a thermodynamics class learning reacting mixture when I suddenly had an epiphany. Many of the power cycles flashed through my head and I thought of utilizing water as fuel.Right now, there are already available means of harvesting energy from hydrogen. And since you can get hydrogen from water (through electrolysis)....

Say if we draw water from rivers, conduct electrolysis process to hydrogen and oxygen, run them through a combustion chamber, use the air expansion in the first turbine generate electricity for the electrolysis process and the remainder of the air expansion in the second turbine can be use to generate electricity.

It almost sounds too goo to be true. It is not a perpetual motion machine (mechanical students should know this) because it does not violate the law of thermodynamics since water is lost in the process and the energy produced is a result from the lost of chemical energy through combustion. Since water is free... we get free energy.


I soon realized that`s stupid. The energy used in electrolysis will be more than the energy harvested during the air expansion. There's a fundamental flaw in my assumption. The atomic compound of the fuel (i.e water) will be exactly the same after those processes. It`s a redundant work of converting water to hydrogen and oxygen and then changing it back to water through combustion. No water is lost during the process and thus, even if the efficiency is 100%, you`ll only get back the same amount of energy spent during the electrolysis process.

Like the saying goes, if it`s too good to be true, it`s probably false.

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