Simple weekend.

Well, another weekend passed.

I spent it on debating again. Voices was requested by ILMU, the english department of MMU to organize a debate tournament. In exchange, we get some cash and if we win the prize money, the club can have more cash to spend on future tournaments. (yes... we do channel it all back into the club).

This tourney, we called it the Malacca Invitational Debating Tournament, aka MIDT. It predecessor are the MMU closed, which turns out to be quite disastrous in the past 2 years. Lousy participation, lousy debaters, lousy show at the finals. We had a glimmer of hope this year that it will be a better tournament since we`re allowing our club members to participate, where last year had rules that kept the seniors away last year in order to maintain a fairer playing field.

In addition, we suppose to have 3 other participating institution, until 1 of them pulled out because a gay model who recently took a taxi ride to space decided to visit their institution. Another institution withdraw probably because they chickened out. That leaves us with only UTeM, who sent 1 team because the rest decide that it`s better spent their weekend at their home town.

It turned out quite fine. I can see all the days spent on training actually paid off. The juniors deliver better speeches and some were quite entertaining. For me, it was a decent way to spent the weekend. Free food, some drinks and socials in the night, a movie after the end of the tournament and more importantly, great friends.

Only problem is, tomorrow`s Monday..... and did I forget to do my assignments again? damm.

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